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Allan Armitage Book Review

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Allan Armitage Kelly Norris Dan Heims Christina Salwitz Shawna Coronado 2014

Last season I had the very fortunate opportunity to spend a day with a few garden industry legends seen in the above photo at Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon (from left to right Dr. Allan Armitage, Kelly Norris, Dan Heims, Christina Salwitz, and me).Allan Armitage Book  We toured nurseries, dahlia farms, and generally had the time of our garden lives chatting Latin. I learned a lot by listening to all the advice the other gardening experts shared while exploring gardens.

Tips I learned from Dr. A –

  1. $10 Hole – Soil is important – amend soil with natural organic ingredients.
  2. New is Not Better – Do not run out and buy the first thing that comes out, wait for plants to be well tested and reliable.
  3. Native plants are Great – Native plants such as Baptisia require less work, no water, and no pain. Throw them in a hole and you are done.

At the end of the day I asked Dr. A if he would appear on my radio show to talk gardening and promote his latest book It’s Not Just About the Hat: The Unlikely Journey of a Plantsman (that podcast and radio show can be watched below). Many of his books are exclusively on horticulture and growing, but this book is the Christina Salwitz Dan Heims Kelly Norris Allan Armitagestory of his life and adventures in the garden industry – all the ups and downs, laughs and sorrows. We often spend our lives rushing about in a hurry, but this book is about noticing the moments. I like that. Moments spent thinking, breathing, and gardening are wonderful. His book is a great gift for the gardener in your life for the holidays.

Another thing Dr. A has out right now is an App called Armitage’s Greatest Perennials & Annuals which lists plants, gardening tips, and more and uploads easily to your cell phone. Learn more about Dr. A, his books, his app, and his blog at his website AllanArmitage.Net. At the bottom of this blog post is a discount for free shipping on his books.

Next time you get the opportunity to tramp through a bunch of amazing gardens with good friends – DO IT – you might just learn something and perhaps you will be as inspired as I am by spending time with people who love to garden like Dr. Allan Armitage.


Dr. A has said he will give 15% off to all my readers and followers who order a book directly from his website book store. To get the 15% off bonus, you must enter the word “shawna” in the code box and it will automatically deduct the 15% from the order. If you would like Allan to autograph the books and/or write a personal note please let Allan know in the note section of the order. Order now because the 15% off bonus is only good for two weeks.

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