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  • Cazador Del Sol Garden Sculpture Winter Photo

    Winter Garden Art Installation

    Winter. It’s killing me. Beyond hurting my osteoarthritis and making me cold, winter is dark and dank in the northern states. We need some creativity, some love, some color. That’s it…

  • Watermelon Field Workers copyright Shawna Coronado

    Watermelon Fields and Sunscreen

    Deep in the heart of North Central Valley in California (north of Los Angeles and south of Sacramento) is a stretch of farm country where nearly 32% of all watermelons are…

  • Lemon Queen Sunflower

    How To Grow An Organic Sunflower in Your Garden

    Of all the seeds I have ever placed in the ground, sunflower seeds are the most likely to produce, survive, and develop into astounding gorgeousness. They are reliable, edible, and beautiful.…