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How Now Green Cow – Simple Solutions for Our Green Waste Issues

Guest blogger Daniel Shellenberg writes the awesome farmer-goes-green blog  known as “AGroGuru” – a great blog focusing on how greening impacts the agriculture community. Today he is my guest blogger and brings interesting insight into how we might find a surprisingly simple solution for green waste. Read on – I had the wonderful experience of […]

Learn How and Why Your Stuff Ends Up In The Landfill: "The Story of Stuff"

This week I was sent by a friend to view a powerful online movie called “The Story of Stuff.” It was 20 minutes long, which I thought was horrid – in a very busy world I rarely have time for a 20 minute movie, particularly during the work day. My decision was to watch half […]

Flower of the Hour – Geranium – The Perennial Gardener’s Joy!

Growing the perennial hardy Geranium, not to be confused with the all-to-common annual ‘Pelargonium’ Geranium, has been a special joy in my life. My addiction has quite overtaken my garden and I have drifts of every variety of Geranium I can find happily leaning over walkways and smiling from every corner. Here you see a […]

GREEN AND SIMPLE TIP: Guest Puggy Sully says, "Get Outside and Enjoy Nature For Better Health!"

Louise O’Callaghan, quite an incredible photographer from England, recently introduced me to her all-to-adorable pug, Sully. You can see him below romping in England’s recent heavy snow. And YES – I am madly in love with Sully – look at how awesome he is! Sully’s green and simple puggy tip for the day is to […]

Beyond Bunnies: Accenting Your Garden With Art – By Guest Blogger Helen Yoest – Garden Writer, Speaker, and Field Editor

Helen Yoest is a fantastic gardener, garden writer, garden coach, and is a Field Editor for Better Homes and Gardens. Helen writes for many publications and today’s awesome blog on gardening and art is written by Helen. Read on…. When I look out at my 60-foot long perennial border, I see all the components that […]

Get Yo Green On Tuesday – How Do You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle? MacGyver It!

From 1985 to 1992, for 139 television episodes, Richard Dean Anderson played MacGyver, a scientist/spy/adventurer who believed in environmentalism before it was popular and saved the world at least once an episode. What made me love MacGyver, beyond his dashing good looks and coolio mullet haircut, was that he worked at finding a solution to […]

Monday Whazzup – What is a Green Roof?

Chicago, Illinois has been building an interesting reputation as the green roof capital of the world. No kidding. As of 2004 there have been more than 80 public and private green roof projects moving forward. It is particularly interesting considering the climatic extremes the city sees. Chicago has very hot, humid days in the summer, […]

Mesothelioma Cancer – How Alternative Energy Can Make A Difference To Save Lives

Guest blogger Josh Langdon contributes a great reason today why we should all be living a greener lifestyle. Josh brings green living advice from his informational website –  Malignant Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos fibers – in other words, it is preventable. Read on – Everywhere we […]

The Casual Gardener – How to Find a Perennial Plant That Spells Success

Dear Casual Gardener, Gardening is a new thing to me. Are there any perennials which are easier to grow? When is the best time of the year to plant my perennials? How do I find them? Where do I find better pricing? I’ve been digging a hole and throwing them in during the summer and […]

Gardening Nude Naked Winner of the Week: Joe Lamp’l

On most Friday’s, my blog features a special person or organization for the day. This person or org is the “Naked Winner of the Week.” All people featured in this category are winners for doing great things for the community and trying to make a difference for the world. You can make a difference too. […]