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Fall Tree Beauty

Red Fall tree in Illinois by Shawna Coronado

It is fall. The time when leaves fall to their suicide deaths and life is chilly, filled with apple cider, and cool mornings. School has started. Gardens are closing. Now is the time to grab some of that healthy outdoors; take walks with your family and partner simply to experience nature in a new way […]

A Save the Painted Fence Feature – The Ring Weeder

Ringweeder Tool and Weeds

The Graffiti Experiment is a special save the painted fence project intended to build gang graffiti awareness and prevention on how urban communities might work to inspire positive change. Champions of the graffiti project donated money to help pay the fines my homeowners association charged me in order to help keep the fence experiment up […]

Crockpot Chili Recipe Made From Onion Soup, Ground Turkey, and Vegetables

Crockpot Chili Recipe Made From Onion Soup, Ground Turkey, and Vegetables

Chili made from onion soup? Yessirree Bob! I came up with the idea while reaching for an organic chicken broth box at the grocery store, when one shelf up I saw the organic onion soup and thought, “Wow, that would make my chili much more yummy.” Thankfully, I was right and the chili has turned […]

The Graffiti Experiment: Please Help Save My Fence

Shawna Coronado and The Graffiti Preventing Pollinator Painted Fence

I Need Your Help – Within a month of my covering the gang graffiti on my back fence with a gorgeous painting of pollinators, native flowers, and a “make a diff” statement to encourage positive action within my neighborhood, my homeowners association slapped me with a stiff fine. It will cost me $30 per month […]

The Compost Tea Garden Growth Experiment – Does It Work?

Compost Tea Experiment in August

Organic soil amendments  for your garden and garden containers can be confusing.  Although I have tried hundreds of products in my test gardens before, I have never regularly used compost tea as a soil conditioner. I went to my good friend Annie Haven, who sells the well known Haven Brand Manure Tea, and asked her […]

Donate Your Organic Garden Vegetable Harvest To a Food Pantry

Vegetables for my food pantry

September and early October is the time when gardeners in the north start to harvest the last of that organic vegetable goodness and close up their gardens. This is the perfect opportunity to consider introducing your community to a green and healthy idea: organic food grown without chemicals. Donate your over abundant produce to the […]

5 Ways To Reuse a Portable Pop-Up Greenhouse

Greenhouse Sleepover Camping

Conveniently, while I was trying to think of ways to extend my gardening season my friends at Greenland Gardener sent out a nifty portable pop-up greenhouse. Hot dang was I excited – what a perfect solution for frost proofing my raised beds (above) in fall, right? So I called in the troops thinking this was […]

Raw Honey Helps Allergy Symptoms – A Field Trip To A Bee Apiary

Raw Honey Cutting the Combs 2

Bees are important because bees and other pollinators are responsible for keeping the human race from starving to death by providing an incredibly necessary function on earth; plant pollination. They also produce honey, which beyond tasting delicious can have an amazing effect on your health. Raw bee honey was recommended to me by my allergist […]

Flower Arranging Using Your Fall Organic Garden Flowers and Vegetables

Debra Prinzing Fall Bouquet (3)

Want an all natural and super-green way to decorate your home for fall? How about gathering up the remainder of your fall garden flowers, seed heads, and vegetables to build some incredible arrangements for your front patio or bed stand? If you have an organic garden, like I do, then both the flowers and vegetables […]

Dex Yellow Page Book Not Allowing Opt Out – Is It Fraud?

Dex Yellow Pages Bag

Dear Mr. Peter J. McDonald, CEO of SuperMedia, Inc., I am writing you in hopes that you’ll answer this question; “Why are you promising the American public that you will put them on OPT OUT lists from your yellow pages books as they have requested because of environmental concerns, then do not follow through with […]