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  • San Francisco Flower Show Outdoor Garden Room

    San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2016

    With the speaking and tour season in full swing, I have been traveling around the United States visiting garden shows, speaking, and getting some fantastic garden ideas. Most recently I have…

  • Snowdrops 3

    Snowdrops in Bloom Galanthus Elwesii

    Finally, after months and months of winter, we now have a gorgeous view of early spring Snowdrops from Jung Seed in my garden. ::choirs singing:: Gardeners are applauding all over the…

  • Organic Cotton Sheets After Washing

    Why Use Organic Cotton

    Every day of my life there’s a battle being waged over my extreme allergies. I have a lot of them – I’m basically allergic to the world. Sadly, I am particularly…

  • Shovel Wall Garden Art Shawna Coronado

    Shovel Wall Garden Art

    Garden Quick Tip – As an addicted garage seller, I am always finding old shovels, rakes, and garden tools which I put to good use in my garden beds. Want a…

  • Ferns and Halcyon Hosta

    Favorite Shade Perennial Plant

    What is the favorite Northern shade perennial plant in your garden which I could find at almost any home center and is easy to grow? Signed, Curious – – – –…

  • How to Design a Wavy Garden Bed with Path © copyright Shawna Co
    Food Garden Life

    Gardens As Art

    When I first started gardening at my current home, I did it as an enthusiastic substitution for painting. I love to paint, but when we bought this home I had a…

  • Geranium Biokovo Karmina with Bee

    Geranium Biokovo Karmina is a Garden Win

    Every spring the front sidewalk hosts the most beautiful pink blooms (below) from the Cranesbill Geranium ‘Biokovo Karmina’. Although it has no noticeable floral scent, the foliage is lightly scented and…

  • Coleus Wedding Train Stained Glass

    Wedding Train Stained Glass Coleus

    Once in a while a plant comes along and surprises you with it’s sheer ability to explode out of a garden container display. Wedding Train Stained Glass Coleus is just that…

  • Ice Melt versus Rock Salt Garden 2

    Ice Melt Versus Rock Salt in the Garden

    Cold and blustery weather up north brings out the rock salt in many homes, but rock salt melt can be hazardous to your gardens health – in the spring you will…

  • Front Lawn Vegetable Garden Side View © copyright Shawna Corona

    Front Lawn Vegetable Garden Design

    We northern gardeners are all covered in snow and desperate for spring, clutching our cups of hot tea with fingers just itching to get into the soil. Now is the perfect…

  • Kia Niro

    3 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car

    Wellness, to me, is not just about eating right and exercising. It’s about the lifestyle your family leads. Everything from recycling to composting to growing to shopping is involved in our…