Food & Recipes

  • Morton Arboretum Illuminations Blue Trees and Lake

    Holiday Lights at Morton Arboretum Illumination

    Morton Arboretum has a dazzling holiday lights event featuring water and trees being lighted with an astounding led light show. This year was better than ever. Beyond trees being lighted up,…

  • Double Rain Barrel Installation Shawna Coronado

    Rain Barrel Black Friday

    Rain barrels and Black Friday – I know it seems an unlikely combination and yet here we are. Building a healthy garden is easier when you use fresh rain water as…

  • Bento Box Kale Salad Cauliflower and Hummus
    Food Wellness

    Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Bento Box

    November: the month of non-stop go-go-go! You’re getting ready for the holidays, the travel, the stress, and all you need are some quick and easy ideas for lunch. You remember the…

  • Yellow Tractor Raised Beds

    How To Plant a Raised Garden Bed

    Yellow Tractor is a consulting organization that coordinates amazing corporate events focused on growing food. They build and sell raised garden beds as a part of their corporate and educational initiatives.…

  • Succulent Living Wall Garden at Nursery

    Living Wall Garden with Succulent Plants

    November is the good time to start a succulent garden. If you have an area near a sunny window that has very bright light exposure, than you can grow a succulent…

  • GreenWorks Leaf Blower Image
    Garden Life

    A Leaf Blower Product Review

    Leaf blowers are a challenge; they can be noisy, they toss dust into the air, and they have gasoline fuel exhaust issues which contribute to greenhouse gases. Yet for someone with…

  • Home Office Houseplant Living Wall Garden

    Home Office Living Wall Garden

    Growing a home office living wall garden that is weed-free and super easy to maintain is an amazing way to bring oxygen and beauty into your work environment. You can easily…

  • Fiskars Power Pruner 2 © copyright Shawna Coronado

    Gardening with Fiskars Tool Review

    Let’s put another set of tools through the Shawna-Marator Tool Review Machine, shall we? Today we have two tools from Fiskars to review. Both these tools were built to engage your…