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Best Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Best Holiday Gift Buy List George Carruth

This year I was asked to test out all types of products. Some were about the garden world, some were green lifestyle oriented, and the ones that became my favorites are listed below on my best holiday gift buy guide list. Perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, birthdays, or just because you deserve a damned cool […]

An Update on The Graffiti Fence and Inspiring Jewelry

Peter Painting the back fence

The Graffiti Experiment is a project intended to create gang graffiti awareness. I want to  inspire positive art and community unity instead of displaying hate or negativity in our urban neighborhoods. Champions for the project have donated money to help pay the fines my homeowners association charged me in order to help keep the fence […]

The Jack Daniels Fruit Fly Trap

How To Kill A Fruit Fly

I discovered a shockingly easy trouble-free way to murder fruit flies. Why? Because fruit flies have played the role of evil arch nemesis in my household long enough. They fly in front of my face and refuse to be caught. They ignore my expensive fruit fly traps. They’re like little evil arch villains torturing me […]

Quick Rotisserie Chicken and Macaroni Noodle Soup Recipe

Rotisserie Chicken and Noodle Soup

Fall is here and I am craving the warm and hearty. Carbs and comfort food baby. That is what I need, and the craving is sending me into the kitchen to create a super quick and low cost chicken and noodle soup recipe. Made from leftover rotisserie chicken (or fresh if you have it), whatever […]

Refresh Your Garden Design and A Proven Winners Plant Give-Away Contest

Side Garden View with hydrangea, black eyed susans, hosta

Many years ago I went to a garden conference and listened to a well known horticulturist give a lecture on proper color, form, and texture for the front garden. It was a very sedate discussion that went something like this, “Only use whites and the palest of pinks and shades of violet so as to […]

Happy Halloween

Pumpkin faces and felted bowl

This year we kept our suburban Halloween decorations simple. Aurora Lamps in the trees and few pumpkins and squash on the patio. Next to our jack-o-lantern, you see the squash are resting in a soft Felted Sculpt-a-Bowl from Gardener’s Supply Company. Bowls (above) come in several reversible colors and it worked to keep the squash […]

Time To Plant The Tulip and Muscari Bulbs

Moulin Rouge Longfield Gardens

Confession: I have an obsession. Bulbs. Bulbs. Bulbs. Now is the time to plant them in most of the country, so get ready to start digging. I am a self-professed addict from way back and guess what? I break all the rules with them. For example, tulips are supposed to be spaced at least 3 […]

“The Shawna” Martini Recipe – Blood Orange, Gin, and a Sugared Rim

The Shawna Martini Up Close

I was chatting with a girlfriend in Cleveland at a gorgeous Italian-style bar when the bartender asked what I would like for a cocktail. I looked him square in the eye and say, “I’m feeling adventurous, make me a fabulous martini. A new martini. A martini with remarkable written all over it. A brand new […]

Garlicky Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

A few seasons ago we grew pumpkins and had the most fun in the fall making Garlicky Pumpkin Seeds after we had carved our jack-o-lanterns. This is a great treat recipe for your pumpkin carving buddies. First we carefully cut open the pumpkin for carving, then dug out the “guts” and seeds with a large […]

What the Roots Looked Like on The Compost Tea Garden Growth Experiment

Root Results of Compost Manure Tea Experiment

Last month I posted the “Compost Tea Garden Growth Experiment” and was shocked by the number of emails I got over it with questions, maniacal rantings, and angry comments. I promised the peeps who wrote me that I would answer their questions in a blog post. So here you go – THE QUESTONS AND ANSWERS […]