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How To Make Authentic Corn Tortillas

Making corn tortillas in Akumal, Mexico

Learning how to make corn tortillas with Margarita in Akumal, Mexico. This Fall and Winter, during the off-season for my Midwestern garden, I would like to share some food delights with you. When my team went to Mexico this summer we filmed a culinary series on regional Mexican cuisine – perfect inspiration for the fall […]

You Can Do A Kayak Container Flower Garden Too!

What can you transform into a container garden? And the answer is: Just about anything. What have you got cooking in your noggin’ for a container garden? Let me know by leaving a comment – – I want to hear all those ideas!

FIELD TRIP!!! Chicago Botanic Garden Is Fantastic All Year Long

Chicago Botanic Garden is an amazing place and this season my garden helpers and I got a very special tour around the facility – yep, a personalized golf cart tour. WOW!! In the photo to the right you see me with Cathy DeMarchi and Josette Cook on the golf cart – an awesome garden helper […]

Happy First Day of Fall 2011!!

This photo was taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden on the rose garden path. Loved the composition of mulch, brick, groundcover and yellow fall leaf. Moss is a great part of a garden after all. Hope it makes you smile this first fall day of 2011!

How To Make An Herb and Fresh Organic Vegetable Omelet With No Cheese

Shawna Coronado cooking in her front lawn vegetable garden.

Shawna cooking in her front lawn veggie garden–YUM!! Living greener has meant a lot of exciting things have changed in my life. I cannot always afford to buy organic, but I try to do organic foods whenever I can. I think it is a goal we should all be working towards because eliminating chemicals from […]

A Wednesday Smile – Hosta ‘Francis Williams’

Frances Williams is, without a doubt, one of my favorite perennials in existence. Here you see her heavily pregnant in late summer with seed pods. This lovely hosta is an American Hosta Society Distinguished Merit Award Winner and has large rounded green-blue leaves with a wide golden variegation around the outside of each leaf. It […]

City Says I Have To Pay To Put a Shed On My Property – - So How Do I Get An Ugly Garden Shed Replaced?

Sitting next to my lovely back yard shade French Potager kitchen garden made from found objects and creative shade plants is the ugliest part of my yard yet: yep, it’s the giant plastic shed in the top right hand corner. Ick. Yuck. Blech. I have a dream for that particular spot of ugliness in the […]

How To Plant a Raised Bed Pumpkin Seed Garden

Pumpkin plants are vines and love full sun – at least 6 hours of sun per day -and lots of room to sprawl. Having run out of space on my own property, my little girl and I planted these pumpkin seeds in a raised bed mini-farm over at my mother-in-laws urban side yard. We did […]

Removing 200 Pounds of Mint From the Community Garden – Mojitos Anyone?

Rebuilding a native/drought tolerant plant garden–watch this video to see how it was done. What if I told you I had enough mint this summer to make a million mojitos? No kidding. Maybe a curbillion. Seriously – removing 200 pounds of an invasive plant like mint from a drought tolerant/native plant garden is a challenge. […]

Perennial Geranium ‘Rozanne’ Smiling On The Fence

Geranium ‘Rozanne’ is notoriously one of the easiest summer flowering plants to grow in zones 5 through 8. With their mounding habit and non-stop purple flower, they bring a smile to every gardener’s lips from late Spring on. Northern climates see more repeat blooming and surprisingly, the foliage becomes reddish brown in the fall, extending […]