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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Erin Rachel’

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Erin Rachel'

I planted Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Erin Rachel’ (above) completely expecting the plant to fail – I have never grown a bush in a pot before. Not only did it thrive, but it was truly one of the most spectacular flowers in my garden. Bottom line, when the folks at Hines Growers asked me to review the […]

Powerful Vegetable Meme Lifts Woman

Shawna and the Hercules Plant 2

…..AND THEN IT WAS STRONG ENOUGH TO LIFT SHAWNA WITH VEGETABLE SUPER POWERS! Today I received the above photo shopped image where a fan has taken my body and put it on top of the muscle bound Hercules Bean Man meme photo. This picture made me laugh so hard I spit hot tea with honey […]

Make Homemade Planting Tags From A Milk Carton – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Homemade Planting Tags and Plants

Members of the Warrenville in Bloom organization, a local non-profit that promotes city beautification in my community, came by and helped me dig up a bunch of plants in the front garden this month. They are reselling the plants on Arbor Day to help raise funds and also promote gardening in our community. Half-way through […]

Dear Ace Hardware My Doppelganger Works For You

Ace Hardware Ad Xd

In the last few weeks a few of my friends have sent me mysterious emails that go something like this, “I love your flip-flops in the Ace ad. Where did you get them?” My reply, “Huh?” More emails came with this style of note, “Congratulations on your partnership with Ace Hardware! Awesome to see your […]

Garden Friends: Christina Salwitz, The Personal Garden Coach

Christina Salwitz October 2012 Foliage and Bloom 556 copy (2)

Because so many gardeners I know are doing  inspirational gardening I wanted to introduce you to them. In 2013 I am continuing my series all about garden friends who are interesting, amazing, and have interesting garden stories. Here’s my friend Christina Salwitz – Once in a while you meet a gardener who is also a […]

Combining Kale and Coleus in a Stacked Tower Container Garden

Lacinto Kale Coleus and Stacked Containers

Vegetables are amazing in containers and far under used as a decorative element. One of my favorite ornamental vegetables is Lacinto Kale from Bonnie Plants. Here I have used it as a centerpiece for a full shade container collage in my back shade vegetable garden. My goal was to creatively stack containers and play the […]

Stop Throwing Yucky Cigarette Butts On The Ground – Earth Is Not Your Ashtray and Taxpayers Are Paying For It!

cigarette butt litter

Did you know that cigarette butt litter makes an impact economically and environmentally in your community? I see it every day and am shocked by drivers who pitch their disgusting cigarette butts out of car windows and on the sidewalks as they are walking from their car to stores and businesses. Doing this is more […]

A Bride In My Garden and Love In My Heart

A bride in Shawna Coronado's garden.

One day last summer I had a knock on my front door a few days before I left for an out of state speaking engagement. There in front of me was a smiling woman I had never met before. She said, “You don’t know me, but we love your garden. We see it growing every day. […]

How To Grow An Organic Sunflower in Your Garden

Lemon Queen Sunflower

Of all the seeds I have ever placed in the ground, sunflower seeds are the most likely to produce, survive, and develop into astounding gorgeousness. They are reliable, edible, and beautiful. I prefer the giant sunflower varieties like Mammoth Russian and Mammoth Grey. This year’s favorite variety is Lemon Queen Organic Heirloom from Botanical Interests […]

Best Guacamole Recipe Ever!

Guacamole A La Michael

When I flew out to Denver, Colorado this winter to speak at TEDx, I stayed at Dafna (See photo with me) and Michael Jenet’s home. They are both close friends, amazing people, and together run the Journey Institute which is a non-profit organization bent on helping people make a difference in the world. Please go […]