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Cocktail Garden at Shawna Coronado Home 2

How To Build A Cocktail Herb Garden Patio

What is a cocktail herb garden? For me, it’s a place where you can sit with your friends or family  or dog or cable repairman and inhale the delightful and amazing scents of an...

White Amaryllis in bloom Christmas in July Garden

Grow Amaryllis in Summer and Have Christmas in July

Lately, garden visitors have been seeing something exciting and different in my summer garden; Amaryllis flowers. Pull out your winter Amaryllis from storage and plant directly in your garden beds and these flowers might...

Coleus mixed with Basil and Collard Greens

How To Pinch a Coleus

Coleus get leggy mid-summer, particularly in full shade. They grow tall and get stiff limbs and flowery tops. To promote more leaf and color, the best thing to do is to pinch the flowers...