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Coleus mixed with Basil and Collard Greens

How To Pinch a Coleus

Coleus get leggy mid-summer, particularly in full shade. They grow tall and get stiff limbs and flowery tops. To promote more leaf and color, the best thing to do is to pinch the flowers...

Headboard gate idea

Headboard Gate: Creative Green Idea

While walking through a community garden not long ago, I spotted this creative green idea for a wide garden gate: reusing an old metal headboard. I love the concept of reusing something old and...

Martha Stewart Urban Driveway Garden

Transforming An Urban Driveway Into A Garden

Urban neighborhoods can feature organic gardening in every niche available. Martha Stewart Living’s June edition has an amazing feature on urban living; a transformation of a gravel driveway into a full-on vegetable garden. I’m...