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Greenhouse Sleepover Camping

5 Ways To Reuse a Portable Pop-Up Greenhouse

Conveniently, while I was trying to think of ways to extend my gardening season my friends at Greenland Gardener sent out a nifty portable pop-up greenhouse. Hot dang was I excited – what a...

Zombie Apocalypse Door Close up View

How To Do Zombie Garden Wall Art

Zombies. Always a concern for we Americans because we all know an apocalypse is imminent, right? And how do you kill a zombie? Shovel or other sharp garden implement through the head or chest,...

Cocktail Garden at Shawna Coronado Home 2

How To Build A Cocktail Herb Garden Patio

What is a cocktail herb garden? For me, it’s a place where you can sit with your friends or family  or dog or cable repairman and inhale the delightful and amazing scents of an...