Mint Muddle Southside Cocktail

Southside Cocktail Charles Joly

Charles JolyMuddling herbs is truly the secret for adding freshness to your cooking or cocktails. A muddler is a tool you use in bartending to smush herbs and other ingredients together. I’ve found it perfect for releasing scent and taste in all cooking. I have several muddlers, but if you do not have a muddler, just use the flat of a spoon to do your smashing.

How to Muddle Herbs

  1. It’s easy – throw some herbs in a container
  2. Push down on the herbs with a muddler or back of a spoon, while simultaneously twisting
  3. Use the herbs immediately while freshly muddled in order to capture the most flavor

Check out the video above on a watchable version of muddling and mixing – or click this LINK if you are receiving this blog post via email. (Photo credit of Charles and Crafthouse bottle by Crafthouse® Cocktails.)


Want a quick, easy solution for some yummy holiday season cocktails? Try the Crafthouse® Cocktails Southside mix created by Charles Joly as seen in the video (and right) – it’s delicious with a mint muddle and tastes like you worked a whole lot more than you did to entertain your friends with some fancy-pants cocktails. Charles is a professional bartender and champion mixologist with a closet full of awards and a brilliant mind for putting together fresh ingredients.

His combination of citrus, gin, and mint is perfect for the Southside cocktail, which is rumored to have originated on the South Side of Chicago. According to legend, Al Capone ran a gin that was not as smooth as others and needed to be sweetened in order to taste better and the Southside was born. Add even more of the fresh herb for a fantastically minty mint muddle.

Southside Cocktail Charles Joly on patio

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