How To Pit A Cherry Infographic

Life is a bowl of cherries infographic

Right now is the height of delicious cherry season, a perfect time to have some yogurt and fresh cherries at breakfast. I have been terrified of cherries for years. Why? Laziness. I’m afraid of the pitting process. It’s true. When I spotted this infographic from P. Allen Smith and his crack team of GardenHome smarty-pants genius’s, I had to share it with you. Super easy culinary idea on how to pit cherries when you do not have a cherry pitter to the rescue!

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    Adam Cortell
    June 26, 2014 at 8:34 am

    I had a fantastic crop of cherries this year! I just used my fingers as a pitter. I sorted the premium cherries out for fresh eating, good cherries for the freezer, and the damaged for the chickens. It was time consuming, but I have about 20 pounds in the freezer. Yes, my cuticles were stained purple for a week!

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