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2010 Green Bloggin in Ireland – When Is Nature A Garden To You?

When you see this photo I took yesterday at Killeigh, County Offaly, Ireland, is there any doubt that nature is the most amazing garden on earth?

Standing at the fence row taking the photo I was surrounded by blooming Hawthornes, a breeze rippled my hair, and the sky went on forever – blue and gray – filled with white fluffy clouds. It was a moment of emotion.

These horses were beautiful; walking through the flowery fields unaware of the beauty that enveloped them. But for me it was a special type of joy to stand there and see this. It is the feeling I get when I am in the garden – and especially when I am able to touch someone’s life. Nature is truly the most amazing garden I can imagine. Standing in this pasture in Ireland reminded me that it is the simple stuff in life that makes it worth living.

Where in your life do you find nature is a garden to your soul?


Thanks to my sponsor for this incredible speaking, blogging, and eco-green adventure to Ireland – Glenisk Organic Dairy. They have been wonderful to partner with and have some astoundingly healthy products, particularly for children and babies. My favorite: their creamy goats milk yogurt! Yum!

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