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Stacked With Flavor: Healthy Snacks


The Stacked With Flavor: Healthy Snacks cookbook is a simple and colorful recipe guide to help you feel full between meals.


Stacked With Flavor: Healthy Snacks takes Shawna Coronado’s original Stacked with Flavor super-simple anti-inflammatory menu and expands it with smart, healthy snacks.

A Personal Story that Helped Change Shawna’s Life Forever

In the original Stacked With Flavor: An Anti- Inflammatory Cookbook With Dairy-Free, Grain-Free & Low-Sugar Recipes, Shawna Coronado shared her personal story of battling pain and illness with a different way of looking at and preparing food.

In her guidebook series, she tackles individual topics of interest to the readers of Stacked With Flavor; in this healthy snacks guidebook, she takes a closer look at snacks. In her search for an eating plan to help her health, Coronado discovered that snacks, instead of being detrimental, were, in fact, an important component to a beneficial menu.

Make Healthy Snacks!

Making smart snack choices is the key – a snack helps keep you feeling full and emotionally satisfied all day. This guidebook, Healthy Snacks, builds on the concept of snacking that began with the cookbook, Stacked With Flavor. In these pages, you will discover recipes for raw snacks, like Rainbow Snack Boats or Chunky Orange-Guacamole with Bell Peppers; for protein snacks, like Chia Seed Pudding or Frisky Crispy Jicama Sticks; for baked snacks, like Cauliflower Popcorn or Grain-Free Biscuits; and for party snacks, like Curried Deviled Eggs or Italian Roasted Butternut Squash Bites. Coronado has also included directions to create an anti-inflammatory charcuterie board using nitrate-free meats, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and gluten-free crackers and chips. Guests will rave about the assortment of snacks on the table at your next party.

You’ll always have something to snack on at home, at a family gathering, or at potluck dinner party with these healthy snack recipes!


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