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Best Wok Tools – Spatula Ladle Skimmer


Proper Wok Tools Are Important When Using a Hot Wok!

Preventing burns in the kitchen is really important. These 304 food grade stainless-steel long handled wok utensils are 17-inches long. They also come in shorter sizes, but I have found the 17-inch easy to use and I thoroughly recommend the products.

Because the tools are made from stainless steel, they do not react with foods to cause anti-oxidation with your foods or in your cooking pan. There are 3 tools in this set; a wok spatula, skimmer spoon, and wok ladle. Each tool has a wooden grip made from pear wood.

The tools are dishwasher safe, heat resistant, and extremely durable.

Now’s the time to learn to cook with a wok. Read up with my Modern Cast Iron Wok Guide .

Click the button and order your set of wok tools. They are a a wonderful accessory for your wok.


Woks Are Easier to Use with Long Handled Tools

Have you seen my Modern Cast Iron Wok Guide? I love cooking with a wok and have found a few tools that really help when you are cooking over a hot wok.

Cast iron woks can heat up to high temperatures from 104°F to 464°F (-40°C to 240°C). This is HOT HOT HOT! While it is great to cook your food, it can also burn your skin if you get your hand to close with a short wok tool.

Prevent burns on the stove with these handy-dandy long handled wok utensils with wooden grips. They have a dishwasher safe design and are easy to clean.