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  • Two Palm Trees over ocean 79112Two Palm Trees over ocean 79112

    Palm Tree Art


    Product Description

    This stunning ALL WEATHER 40 inch x 30 inch art canvas features two palm trees swaying in the breeze over a calm Caribbean ocean. The palm trees are lush and green, providing a contrast to the blue and aqua of the sky and water. This¬†outdoor art is UV protected, fully waterproof, and resistant to fading even when displayed year round outdoors. I’ve tested these in my own art gallery garden.

    Colors will stay super sharp and vibrant with the UV and waterproof coating that enables homeowners to place the art on patios, balconies, and fences for a creative contribution to any outside room. The art canvas is stretched on all weather stretchers which prevents warping.

    This painting is perfect for any room in your home or outdoor space. It will add a touch of tropical paradise to any location. It would also make a great gift for anyone who loves the beach or the Caribbean.


    • High-quality canvas
    • Vivid colors
    • Detailed artwork
    • Easy to hang


    • Add a touch of tropical paradise to your home and gardenTwo Palm Trees over ocean 79112
    • Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere
    • Make a great gift for anyone who loves the beach or the Caribbean


    • Size: 40″ x 30″
    • Material: Giclee Wrapped Canvas
    • Frame: Built in

    Order yours today and bring a touch of the Caribbean to your home!