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Garden Friends: Kylee Baumle of OurLittleAcre

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Kylee Baumle garden friends

Because so many gardeners I know are doing such inspirational gardening I wanted to introduce you to them. In 2013 I am building a series of posts all about garden friends who are interesting, amazing, and have great garden stories to tell. Here’s my friend Kylee Baumle –

Shawna Coronado and Kylee Baumle garden friends

Garden friends

I remember the exact moment I met Kylee Baumle, it was in May of 2009 at a blogger event in Chicago.  We hugged and immediately adopted each other forever. We took a photo to commemorate the occasion (to the right) and from that point forward shared a sisterhood – we were both relatively new garden bloggers and had a dream of inspiring people to grow. She’s living that dream and has partnered with Jenny Peterson to write their very first plant book that will be published this year by St. Lynn’s Press titled Indoor Plant Decor: The Design Stylebook of Houseplants.

Kylee Baumle Garden

Kylee loves nature and gardening and has a terrific little blog in Our Little Acre. She lives in farm country in Ohio, has a Monarch Way Station on her property, raises chickens, and of course, has lots of gardens. Please go visit her blog. She writes all sorts of simple how-to garden tips and ideas, covers her extensive travels to garden events around the United States, and has lots of contests and giveaways.

Kylee Baumle Poppy

Above is a beautiful photo from her garden and below is one of her favorite tips for growing Oriental poppies successfully and, of course, here’s a link to her story “Thinking of Poppies”.

Kylee says — “It’s all about the drainage. And making sure you put them where you’re sure you want them. Poppies don’t like to be moved, so site them carefully right from the start. To ensure adequate drainage, I mix something in with the native soil to help, like chunky orchid mix (my mom’s suggestion), Perlite, or even pea gravel. I also elevate the site a little, just for good measure. Since doing that, I’ve had a much higher success rate.”

Please go visit Kylee’s outstanding blog and learn a little about growing and making a difference with a garden.

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