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The Casual Gardener Goes To Ireland To Bring You Garden Inspiration!

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Shawna Coronado tweeting the social media world from O’Hare airport. Once again I will be going on the road internationally while blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking my adventure. This time it is Ireland! I’m leaving tonight for a two-week adventure in Europe!

Come along with me for the fun! I was invited to keynote speak at Bloom 2010 in Dublin, Ireland, a fantastic outdoor event that features over 25 fully designed gardens in a beautiful setting. Hosted by Bord Bia, the organization that promotes Ireland’s food and horticultural industry, I was thrilled at the invitation which will have me speaking twice a day every day of the event. If you are near Dublin when I am in town, please come out to visit.

Meanwhile, my goal for The Casual Gardener blog is to share lots of Irish garden ideas with you. I will do my best to publish photos every day – although I cannot guarantee that I will publish lengthy verbal blogs. I hope the ideas are green, fun, and inspirational for you.

Glenisk, an organic dairy company, is my sponsor for the Bloom 2010 keynote event. While I am in Ireland, I have asked Glenisk if we can tour their all organic farms to meet their goats and cows. Thanks to their team, I will be able to see their very green electric vehicles and electric generating wind-mill among other green adventures; bringing these ideas to you in photo and video form. To understand more about the country, note the map below.

Ireland has a temperate climate and is an island that has nearly 3,000 miles of coastline. Ireland is about the size of the state of Indiana in the United States. The population of Indiana is about 6 million and the island has about 5.5 million (the Republic of Ireland – 3.84 million, Northern Ireland – 1.7 million).

2010 Green Blogging In Ireland – Gunnera Manicata – the Jurassic Park Plant For Gardens

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