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18 Best Flower Arrangement Plants for Fall and Winter

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Debra Prinzing Fall Bouquet (3)Flower arranging allows you an all natural and super-green way to decorate your home for fall and winter. How about gathering up the remainder of your fall garden flowers, seed heads, and vegetables to build some incredible arrangements for your front patio or bed stand? If you have an organic garden, like I do, then both the flowers and vegetables you have this fall are chemical free and would rest perfectly on a kitchen counter. Fresh flower arrangements really bring the power of nature forward, so now is the time to enjoy all that freshness before extreme winter hits your neighborhood.

18 Best Plants for Fall and Winter Floral Arrangements

One of my friends, Debra Prinzing, is the gardener-in-the-know when it comes to flower arranging. Her flower arrangements and photos are captivating. Here you see just a few of her gorgeous arrangements (right and top). My favorite is the one to the right that features freshly cut red sunflowers.

Below is a list of my favorite fall plants to make arrangements with:Debra Prinzing Fall Front Door Design

  1. Bittersweet
  2. Black Eyed Susans
  3. Broccoli
  4. Cattails
  5. Chrysanthemums
  6. Coleus
  7. Corn
  8. Dahlia
  9. Echinacea
  10. Grass
  11. Hosta
  12. Hydrangea
  13. Kale
  14. Millet
  15. Rhubarb
  16. Seed heads of all types
  17. Sunflowers
  18. Swiss Chard

Want to Learn More About Flower Arrangement Design?

If you need a helping hand in learning how to rediscover the art of flower arranging, you must read Debra Prinzing’s book,  Slow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden, Meadow, and Farm (St. Lynn’s Press). Debra’s book is filled with photographs and ideas to help you arrange the best designs.

Below is a sweet little video from Debra giving you tips on how to arrange flowers at home. Awesome ideas!

Flower Color Theory with Debra Prinzing from debra prinzing on Vimeo.

I have a few more pro tips on flower arranging right here on my website. Check out how to create a flower arrangement tips on the Secret Pro Tips for Cut Flowers blog post.  

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