Dear People Who Keep Sending Me SPAM or Blind Press Releases,

You have been sent to this page because – You. Are. Killing. Me.

I receive approximately 500 emails per day. Of those 500 I get almost 60 blind press releases. Every. Day. Of. My. Life.  Blind is defined as coming from someone I do not know, or who has not read nor understands my website, or who addresses me as either “Dear Sir or Madam” or “News Release Attached” or “Mary Lynn” (surprisingly, my name is not any of these and who the heck IS Mary Lynn?). This makes me frustrated. This makes me angry. This is like getting non-stop advertisers calling you on the telephone all day long. See my yuck face above? This is what it does for me. You don’t really want my face to get stuck like that, do you?

Blind press release emails are rude and thoughtless and so are emails based on all the other reasons I’ve listed below. I delete them as soon as I receive them and then send you here; The Spam Page Dungeon.

  1. Pitching me with the pretense of genuinely writing for my blog, then several emails in telling me you REALLY want to provide unpaid links on my blog pages (if your first contact with me is a lie, then chances are I really want nothing to do with your linking),
  2. Pitching me on a product without taking time to understand my site or readers,
  3. Inviting me to an event in California or Texas or Europe or wherever and expecting me to attend even though I live in Chicagoland, have no budget to fly in, and have never heard of your organization.
  4. Being irritating for no good reason via email or social media.

What I’m Trying To Say Here Is This:

Marketing people who research their online market and understand the bloggers and media people they are contacting (i.e. I mean me) will absolutely be responded to with the same kindness and consideration they give me. Because, in my mind, this industry is about making respectful connections and building good relationships, not throwing a drop of water in a fire hose, spraying me with it, and expecting a response.

Therefore, if you would like me to consider your product or event or news information, I would be happy to do so if you would take the time to get to know me and my readers. This means I need you to go the extra mile that you want me to go for you.

Obviously, you can do this by introducing yourself properly and starting a dialogue instead of slapping me in the face with your fire hose. No one likes being slapped in the face with a fire hose. I’m just saying.

Thank you for your consideration.

Shawna Coronado

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