No Grain No Dairy Eggs Benedict

Welcome to the food photography gallery page!

As an author and blogger focused on wellness and healthy living, I often tour all over the world eating amazing food. I spend hundreds of hours photographing food, from fresh vegetables straight from the production fields all the way through to the end food dish that lands on your table at dinner time. My goal is to show healthy, fun, and creative food ideas with as much anti-inflammatory components as possible.

All photographs are copyrighted and I would appreciate you not using my photographs without my permission. If you are using my food photography where it is seen by others,  I would appreciate a photo credit please. Like this – “Photo credit – Shawna at”.

Thanks much for all your support. Feel free to email me at shawna at shawnacoronado dot com if you have any questions. I hope you like my photos! ♡♡♡

Food Photography Purchase Note –

Custom photographs which are purchased by magazines and publishers – for books, magazines, and other publications for example – are quoted at custom rates which reflect the audience and brand exposure. Please send me an email at shawna at shawnacoronado dot com if you are interested in cover shots, bulk rates, and other customized business purchases. If you are simply interested in some creative food shots for your blog, online publication, or even your kitchen wall, simply link through and purchase the applicable photo package.