Shawna Coronado at the G2B12 event


I’m Shawna Coronado. I’m an author and professional photographer (here are my books – LINK). I am also an on-camera spokesperson, blogger, columnist, keynote speaker, and health correspondent who decided to change her life one day and up n’ left her fancy-pants office job in sales and public relations to find health and happiness as a green lifestyle evangelist.

Now I spend my days learning about sustainable ideas and trying to inspire others to find their socially good selves. I’m a professional speaker and writer, so I get to travel all over the world. I have blogged for Better Homes and Gardens, written for CitySearch and the Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow blog, and my work can be seen on other online magazines too. Right now I’m in middle of writing 3 books that will be published through Cool Springs Press publishing company in 2014. Sometimes I get to make television appearances and speak at cool gigs like at TEDxWomen and Google discussing the benefits of green living for community. Other days I spend online talking about eco-travel, green-living tips, sustainable gardening, inexpensive cooking, home vegetable production, and techniques for every day homeowners to save money.  I try to share all I can right here on the blog so you can be a part of the action. I’m not perfect at being green and sustainable but I’m learning just like you; one step at a time.

Down below the TEDx video and this little note you will see my work bio – if you have questions or want to talk to me, just shoot me an email at shawna at shawnacoronado dot com.

Thank you so much for sharing in all the crazy adventures, for your comments, your support, and most of all for the love you give to me – I love you and am glad you are spending time on my blog and sharing in the adventure!

Be happy!



Shawna Coronado is an author and professional photographer (see her books – LINK). She is also an on-camera spokesperson, newspaper columnist, internationally recognized keynote speaker, environmental and health correspondent with over eighteen years of experience with sales, marketing and public relations.

Shawna speaks internationally on building community, simple living, and green lifestyle tips for the everyday person as well as social media development. Most recently, she has lectured at TEDx and Google, discussing the benefits of green living for community. Shawna Coronado educates the online community on eco-travel, green-living tips, sustainable gardening, inexpensive cooking, home vegetable production, and techniques for every day homeowners to save money by being green and feed the hungry during a down-economy – all this right from her very own home and ornamental front lawn vegetable garden. Her goal with the blogs and online presence is to better the world through community involvement and simple green living.

Currently, Shawna has over 15,000+ followers on Twitter, over 50,000 followers on Google+, and over 5,000+ followers and subscribers on Facebook. She has more than 170 videos on YouTube and her videos have had more than a half million uploaded views on YouTube and continue to grow daily. Shawna is a CitySearch Guide and has written for dozens of online magazines including Better Homes and Gardens and ChicagoNow. She has been ghost blogging, tweeting, and writing for over five years for corporations and individuals across the internet.

Shawna appears regularly on national American TV. She has been featured on many news channels, including ABC News, WGN 9 News (Chicago), PBS TV – Growing A Greener World Episode 126, PBS TV – P. Allen Smith’s Garden To Table, WCIU TV, NBC News Dallas/Fort Worth, FOX News Albuquerque New Mexico, KOB TV New Mexico, Lawrence Media  TV- LJWorld.com, Oklahoma Gardening TV, Local Access 10 TV, WGN Radio, The Mike Nowak Radio Show, The Chicken Whisperer Radio Show, Garden Life Radio, and More Hip Than Hippie. Ireland radio show features include Marty Whelan/RTE Lyric FM Radio Show, and Tom Dunne Morning Show on Newstalk 106 and is a regular guest on The Sodcast with Peter Donegan out of Dublin, Ireland. Special written features on Shawna can be found on CNN Health, Chicago Tribune Local, The Daily Herald, and other media spots all over the internet.

WGN TV did a news feature in 2012 on Shawna’s behind-the-fence community garden which achieved an Emmy Nomination.

Shawna’s organic living photographs and stories have been featured in several international home and garden magazines, and multiple books including –

Illinois Getting Started Guide – Authored by Shawna Coronado – to be published by Cool Springs Press in 2014

Indiana Getting Started Guide –  Authored by Shawna Coronado – to be published by Cool Springs Press in 2014

Gardening Nude – Authored by Shawna Coronado
Grocery Gardening (Shawna’s cooking recipes are included) – by Jean Ann Van Krevelen
Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces – (Shawna’s vertical sustainable gardens are featured) – by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet
The Edible Front Yard – The Mow-Less, Grow-More Plan for a Beautiful Bountiful Garden and Herbs (Shawna’s front lawn sustainable veggie garden is featured) – by Ivette Soler
Real Gardens, #138/Country Almanac
Birds & Blooms Magazine
In Italy –  La mia abitazione Country & Country, Issue Anno VI-n.28, May 2011
The Green Garden (Shawna’s garden photography is featured) – by Ellen Sousa
Farmer’s Almanac Garden Guide 2012
Yards – by Billy Goodnick
Everyday Gardeners – blog at Better Homes and Gardens


A very special thank you to my friends Sheila Rutledge of Captured By Sheila for taking the photo at the top of my home page where my feet are up and to Mario Salazar of Mario Salazar Photography for taking the photo at the top of my home page where I am lying in cabbage. My friend Karie Strangeway from K. Strangeway Photography took all the promotional boot pictures on the website.  My awesome friend Mark Fonville took the great photo at the top of this page. I deeply appreciate your allowing me to use the photos on my website – you are amazingly talented my friends and I am grateful for your help and support.