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Solution: Onions Blown Over By Storm – Replaced With Peter Piper’s Peppers

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White Sweet Spanish Onions

White Sweet Spanish Onions

It had to be done — onion replacement!!

While the Burpee Home Gardens White Sweet Spanish onions grew well, they fought two heavy battles; 1) Green beans in the next row which turned out to be pole beans, not the bush beans they were advertised to be – Freshly dug onions - yum!        the beans latched on to the onion tops and pulled them down. 2) Gawd-awful storms hit Chicagoland and beat the heck out of the onion tops, blowing them over.

Soon I began to see shriveled plant tops. It was time for a change!

Problem solved with green pepper plant replacements (try saying that five times in a row – wait, I can do it – Peter Piper picked a peck of… Peter Piper picked… wait… green pepper plant… oh forget it).

Below you see the lovely new green pepper plants, planted, mulched, and smiling in the sunshine – I am hoping there is plenty of time for a few peppers to ripen and end up as delicious stuffed peppers this summer.

Sometimes your garden fails – you have to throw in the towel and come up with a new solution. What solutions have you come up with?

green pepper plant replacements

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  1. This has been a wonderful year to learn about growing and how to make it look 'pretty' while it grows.

    #1 … pay close attention to height of tomoato plants on seed package info. A few of these plants are so huge they are taking over my raised bed. #2 Don't be afraid to go CRAZY in the garden … I have 2 beds that look like 'crazy quilts'. I need to share some photos with you soon.

    I love your progress… we learn so much from what you share. THANK YOU for being you Shawna!

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