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The Jack Daniels Fruit Fly Trap

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How To Kill A Fruit Fly

I discovered a shockingly easy trouble-free way to murder fruit flies. Why? Because fruit flies have played the role of evil arch nemesis in my household long enough. They fly in front of my face and refuse to be caught. They ignore my expensive fruit fly traps. They’re like little evil arch villains torturing me all day long. Spending an evening watching my husband and I struggle to swat a tiny little fruit fly is like watching a comedy of errors.  Enough already. I have discovered the most amazing solution.

Here’s what happened – one evening I fixed a whiskey cocktail and forgot to rinse the Jack Daniels out of the shot glass. Next morning there were 15 dead fruit flies at the bottom of the whiskey glass.

::eyebrow raise::

That’s right. Jack Daniels is the easy cure .

Forget expensive chemical-filled traps or complicated 10-step guides on how to get rid of household fruit fly. You need none of that — all you have to do is set out a little shot glass before bed with less than a quarter inch of Jack Daniels in it and by morning your problem will be solved and you will be deemed super hero of the kitchen.

You’re welcome.


For all of you who keep sending me notes griping about the tremendous waste of good money for a fruit fly. Here’s how much it costs – I buy a 1.75 liter bottle of JD for $36 at Costco. That bottle gives me about 59 shots at 61 cents per shot. If you divide a shot up by 8 – I put 1/8 of a shot of whiskey out – that leaves me with $.07 per fruit fly trap and it works more effectively than vinegar, wine, or other fly traps. 7 cents is a worthy investment considering how much more effective it is.

Good grief – just filter and drink the danged booze if you still have an issue and you’re spending nothing.

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  1. What a perfectly horrible way to waste good jd. Go on Pinterest for god sake and search fruit fly traps. There’s tons of perfectly effective ones. Then pour yourself a shot and enjoy it rather than giving it away to the little bastards.

  2. ::laughing:: The fruit fly traps cost money. I buy JD by the bucket – super cheap – and it costs me about one penny to pour an 1/8 of a shot glass full of the whiskey.

  3. I was wondering if anyone had made the correlation before regarding flies and Jack. Looks like you have. Fruit flies were not my plague, although they do from time to time pose a threat to my sanity in the kitchen. I have a small farm, and with farms comes flies, as flies like … well what else. I had wastefully left out a cola and whiskey drink in the garage as one will do when they get to the point of not being able to hold up one’s own head following such activities involving much drinking. The next morning – corpses floating, tiny, black, and bloated. I had decided to let it sit for another day to see what action happened. I was astounded by the death toll, though my smile would lead you to believe me to be simply pleased. I poured a fresh mix into a two liter bottle with the top cut off and affixed your run of the mill fly paper trap around the top and let it sit for two days thus far. The paper is littered with sticky annoyances and the mixed drink is to the point that any fly that lands on its surface may actually survive on the bloated bodies of their deceased ilk. I’m already drawing up plans to construct a few hinged roofed hanging boxes in which to house a similar yet more functional design to place near the barnyard animal enclosures. I’m happy to have found your site to confirm my findings. Thank you.

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