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Texas Tomato Cages Review – A Summer of Happiness

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Texas Tomato Cages lying flat after clean up       Look at the photo to the right – this demonstrates the incredible versatility of the Texas Tomato cage – they fold down flat for your fall clean up  – how amazing is that?

This year my tomato cages in the front lawn vegetable garden were sponsored by Texas Tomato Cages. They sent me several packs of cages in May  to test and ultimately review. Newly installed Texas Tomato Cages        They were quite easy to install and looked great in the garden as you can see by the photo to the left and in the below video where I demonstrate how easy it is to install them..

Without a doubt these tomato cages are the strongest most incredible cages I have ever experienced. I am not exaggerating! In June we had 40 degree temperatures and 70 mile per hour winds during two severe storms. Blew over all my onions, but the cages stood like the Pyramids in Egypt – did not even bend! Amazing!


All summer long the cages did an outstanding job of supporting tomatoes, peppers, and even my eggplants. I loved Texas Tomato Cages and highly recommend them for your garden as well. Here is a photo of the front yard garden in September. Look at how tall those tomatoes are.Texas Tomato Cages in action!

If you would like a fantastic product for your garden; try the Texas Tomato Cage – I think you will find them wonderfully supportive in your garden for next season.

Go here if you would like to learn more about the cages – Texas Tomato Cages.

Happy gardening!

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*This product was sent to me at no cost – I tested it for five months in the garden. My review is wholly honest, my own opinion, and not based on additional payment from the Texas Tomato Cage company in any form. In fact, my agreement with them is that I would review their product in a totally honest fashion, keeping my readers and viewers needs at the top of the priority list when considering this product’s recommendation and use.

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  1. I've admired the Texas tomato cages and I'm glad to read that they work because they're expensive! I couldn't afford them even for the very few tomato plants that I have sunlight for in my shady garden.

    This year I experimented with tying up my tomatoes, a practice I learned from another garden blogger at “This Garden is Illegal”. I was a bit dubious about whether the string would support the plants but it did even in bad storms. I've started using the technique to train other plants.

  2. Glad you have found a simple alternative. What type of string did you use?

    My grandmother used to use pantyhose cut up as she said it was gentler on the stems of the tomatoes.

    When training clematis I re-use twisty ties from my vegetable bags I get at the grocery store.

    Thanks for commenting!


  3. Hey Shawna, Ok…you've sold me. We are just now planting our tomatos for what is the veg. garden season down here.
    Thanks for taking the time to video. Very cool. Scott

  4. They’re only about $10/ea more and a 100 times better than the $19 and $20 ones you find at nurseries and big box stores. They also last longer and resist bending.

  5. I’ve trellised, staked, tied and caged tomatoes. The problem with tying is the string is hard to remove when the plants are done and if you don’t get it all the string (I used sisal) it ends up wound around the tiller tines and takes hours to get off.

    The best method I’ve found so far to support a large number of tomatoes is the Texas Tomato Cages for vertical support and 2X2’s for horizontal support. The 2X2’s rest on the rings of the Tomato Cages.

    I’m going to experiment wit cattle panels this year and cut them to fit between the tomato cages horizontally instead of the 2X2’s.

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