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Tropical Elephant Ear Outdoor Art Canvas


Tropical Elephant Ear Outdoor Art Canvas is All Weather

Gorgeous 40 inch x 30 inch foliage scene is a beautiful tropical display. Bold colors look fabulous outdoors or indoors on this all weather canvas. The tropical leaves outdoor art is UV protected, fully waterproof, and resistant to fading even when displayed year round outdoors.

Colors will stay super sharp and vibrant with the UV and waterproof coating that enables homeowners to place the art on patios, balconies, and fences for a creative contribution to any outside room. The art canvas is stretched on all weather stretchers which prevents warping.

Tropical Elephant Ears Outdoor Art Display


Tropical elephant ear outdoor art canvas colors are so beautiful – a mix of purples, greens, and reds. It brings happiness to a wall and truly creates an enlivened tropical outdoor art canvas. I love the sunshine dancing on the leaves.

This particular art is a part of the outdoor all weather canvas art collection through According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, art can contribute to emotional well being and is a fantastic addition to any outdoor room or garden setting.

This 40 inch x 30 inch canvas price includes FREE SHIPPING!!!

Tropical Elephant Ear  Outdoor Art Canvas  – How it Works

Outdoor canvas art that can be placed in any outdoor location with direct exposure to the elements!

  • UV Protected and Waterproof
    • Coated with a proprietary lacquer against fading
  • Poly-vinyl stretcher bars
    • Withstands all weather conditions without warping
  • Mounting Hardware
    • Prevents prints from blowing away in high winds
  • Stainless steel staples
    • No rust marks will be left on outdoor walls
  • Indoor use
    • Perfect for areas with high humidity or strong UV light
  • Backed by a 2-year Manufacturer Warranty

Tropical Elephant Ears Outdoor Art