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Share Garden Seeds With Neighbors

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Green beans

Yesterday my dear friends Eugene and Bev Bordelon brought green beans down for me. They have planted them for years and Bev cans up tons of beans to feed her family. It was wonderful – I played with Pepper Bordelon, a little black poodle, while they told me great stories about these beans.

I was inspired and grateful they thought of me. Feeling fantastic because of a gardener = priceless!

Spread the garden love my peeps. If someone you know needs help feeding their family or is just special to you, please share some garden love with them. It will make them feel less alone, more special and best yet – fed. Always a good thing.

Happy Spring Garden ! Go out there today and make a diff!

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  1. I think it would be a lovely idea for gardeners in the same community to set up an annual or bi-annual 'seed swap' and share their seeds with each other – cheaper than buying them, and it encourages a community spirit!

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