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  • Bodum Tea Press

    Bodum Tea Press


    MAKE GREAT TEA with the Bodum Assam Tea Press with Stainless Steel Filter

    This tea press uses the same brewing system as a French press. This is fantastic as it allows for a better control of the tea steeping process. Because the 34 ounce teapot is clear, you are able to easily see what your preferred strength and color for the tea is as it brews.

    Once your tea has brewed about five minutes, you can press down the tea plunger and it seals the tea leaves at the very bottom of the brewing bin, thereby stopping the brewing process. You can reuse the leaves letter or toss in the compost bin. The rim is sealed so the heat stays in the pot.

    Material Glass
    Color Black
    Brand Bodum
    Capacity 2.1 Pounds
    Product Dimensions 5.88″D x 6.38″W x 7.5″H
    Is Dishwasher Safe Yes