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No Mow Grass Update and Fish In The Garden

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No Mow Grass with FishintheGarden copyright Shawna Coronado

No mow grass update: At the beginning of May I told you all about my Eco-Lawn adventure where I am growing sustainable grass that only has to be mowed once or twice per season or not at all. Here’s the link to more about Eco-Lawn – LINK. This first year I have decided to keep the grass in prairie form – no mowing beyond trimming any grass seed heads off.  So far it has been SUPER-EASY to maintain which really helps my arthritis as it means less effort in the garden. My 15-year-old daughter is in love with the grass because it is extremely soft — she goes out back and lays in the grass and looks up at the trees on a warm day.

No Mow Grass and Fish in the Garden copyright Shawna Coronado

While next year I will cut the grass in a more formal design, I absolutely love the prairie look. My artist buddy Tyson Weiss sent out several Crystalline Trout from his astounding ceramic sculpture collection and now I have these amazing fishies as an art installation swimming across my prairie lawn. I. Love. It. I got a shout-out from Tim Stephens a lawn expert, congratulating me on my lawn. It was a great boost to my ego.

In the top view, you see the fish swimming towards the elevated garden past raised beds and my painted fence designed by artist Peter Thaddeus Kwiatkowski. Below you see the beautiful fish swimming away from my tiki hut shed and summer hammock garden. Having art in my garden does my heart good. Growing no-mow grass for sustainability reasons has been wonderful – no lawnmower emissions, no arthritis-harming work, and all joy.

No Mow Grass with FishintheGarden and Tiki Hut copyright Shawna Coronado
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