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Blue Balls Mason Jar Martini Cocktail Recipe

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Blue Balls Cocktail Recipe
This week is my birthday week – I want no well wishes please – instead just send me a pitcher of Blue Balls. You heard me right – it sounds naughty, but it tastes absolutely delicious. Today we learn how to make Blue Balls Mason Jar Martini Cocktail’s. Yummy delicious and a total conversation piece in the garden, it is perfect for a hot August afternoon or a fun evening on the patio with friends. Below is the cocktail recipe – give it a shake (or two)!

Blue Balls – Blue Ball Jar Cocktail Recipe —

  • Muddled Mint — Handful
  • UV Blue Vodka — 1 oz.
  • Pineapple juice — 6 oz.
  • Ice

Muddle the mint in a ball jar. Throw all the ingredients on top of the mint. Screw lids tight. Shake well. Garnish.

Blue Balls Cocktail Ingredients

Herb and Vegetable Vertical Wall Planter

FTC DisclaimerWhen growing mint, be cautious as it can easily take over a garden. Growing mint in containers keeps it contained to a smaller area, so the plants are less likely to be invaders. I used The Drunken Botanist Plant Collection Chocolate Mint for this recipe. Chocolate Mint has a chocolatey smell, but tastes and grows just like other mints. I grew it in my vertical wall garden on the back fence in full shade with kale, beets, and Swiss chard and it did VERY well under those conditions as long as it received regular water. This cocktail recipe is sweet and refreshing and even better when you use fresh herbs from the garden.

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head with mint. I now grow my mint in a separate herb box. In the ground, it felt like a battle between the me and everything else in my garden against the mint.

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