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Work Together To Make A Difference – How Teams Can Build Community



My blog theme this week has been all about “building community.”

Along these lines, I spent my entire yesterday working with Jim Kleinwachter (a.k.a. my conservation mentor and the King of Green) installing rain barrels and building compost bins. Jim runs the Conservation @ Home education program through The Conservation Foundation in Illinois.

Tom Reid came out and filmed the whole experience. He is from Crazy Green.  It was a fantastic team effort. Working as a team to make a video is a great way to educate people on being green – I can’t wait until the video is edited so I can show my readers.

Although I did some green educating, I also learned a lot about how difficult it is to be in front of and behind a camera. There is no filming until the proper time has been spent on set-up. Below is a photo of the boys on location helping assemble one of the composters we talked about from Clean Air Gardening.


We did not have a formal script, so the entire team worked together to help come up with Shawna-On-The-Spot commentary. It was fantastic.There is no filming until all the team has worked together to create a message for the viewer. When you think about it – doing anything worth while as a group often requires cooperation, friendship, and hard work.

This type of cooperation leads to something very important – community. Working together to accomplish goals, building relationships, and best yet – help each other through life – is a great way to get something done.

If you build closer relationships both in business and in your neighborhood it will help you feel better about who you are and how you are living life. This is an intricate part of living a green lifestyle as well. Do the right thing and build community whenever you can. Why? Because sharing life is a whole lot better than living in isolation.

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!

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