Succulent Pillows – A Quickie Christmas Garden Craft

Yes, there is STILL TIME to make a gift for the holidays. Get out your craftiness and try this super-cool creative  last minute Christmas gift idea for your gardener (or for you). Shirley Bovshow has the perfect quickie-craft idea – homemade succulent pillows. She and her team have created a fantastic how-to craft video  for the DIGS network on YouTube that shows you how easy it is to make the indoor or outdoor garden gifts. Watch in the video below (if you’re getting this post via email you will have to click through to the website to see the video):

Shirley Bovshow, the crafty genius responsible for the video above is an amazing personality and a dear friend from the garden media industry. Besides the Edenmakers Blog, Shirley has several web series online including Garden World Report and Garden Center TV, all produced by Shirley’s company, Garden World Media. You see us below having fun together at a garden event. Love you Shirley – I can’t wait for the next video!

Shawna Coronado and Shirley Bovshow

Shawna Coronado and Shirley Bovshow

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