Gardening Nude; a Common Sense Guide to Improving Your Health and Lifestyle…


“Gardening Nude” is a common sense guide as well as a motivational self-help book teaching individuals and corporations alike how to achieve greener and healthier living.


Shawna Lee Coronado demonstrates through the Get Your Green On Healthy Philosophy, a three part system which includes a Health Plan, Greening and Conservation Guide, and Building A Green Community Plan that becoming mentally and physically healthier is a snap when you are living a green lifestyle. It will empower you to build a healthier and happier lifestyle yourself.


The term gardening nude is a metaphoric expression which means to strip away the negative excuses, get off your fanny, and get out into nature to better improve your health and lifestyle. “Gardening Nude” speaks to how the combination of reduced stress, green living, and building relationships can create a positive attitude at work, at home, and in life.


For over ten years, Shawna lived with stress and severe health issues. Enduring constant pain, allergies, and asthma led her to take over a dozen prescriptions per day. Miserable, ill, and desperate, Shawna took on the medical establishment and built the Get Your Green On Healthy Philosophy in hopes of finding a way to improve her mental and physical health. By practicing this simple plan, Shawna remarkably changed her health; she now takes only three medications a day and feels better than she ever has. Effectively, it became a miracle cure for her unhealthy lifestyle and changed her mindset from negative to positive.


Included in the book are features about real-life people and corporations who are setting a green example for the world. Quoted in “Gardening Nude” are experts such as Andrew Weil, M.D., David Edelberg, M.D., Nirmala Arora, M.D., Richard O Connor, Ph.D., Richard Louv, Ph.D., and Mr. Al Gore. The book has a handy resource listing websites and helpful information. Shawna has included a special final surprise readers can search for; a hidden green inspirational message.



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