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Philadelphia International Flower Show 2011 – “Springtime in Paris” –Creative Plants and Gardens Day 2

Smith & Hawken Display Philly Flower Show

Finding yourself face-to-face with the Smith & Hawken/Target 20 foot vertical garden wall of ferns with precariously balanced full-sized lawn furniture dangling as if ready for a show guest to magically walk up the wall, sit down and recline “sideways”, was just the beginning of the unbelievably creative garden and plant displays shown at the Philadelphia International Flower Show 2011.

Attending the show as a guest of the American Chemistry Council and Plastics Make it Possible® teams, I was able to see the Philly flower show – themed “Springtime in Paris” – in all its glory.

Here are some photos of the incredible plant and garden displays —

succulent judging at the Philly flower show 2010daffodil judging at the Philly garden show 2011










Above you see a just a few rows of competition plants, succulents and daffodils, which were judged individually by professionals and honored with ribbons. There were rows and rows of plants of every imaginable type being judged – hundreds of plants in dozens of categories.

Below is an astounding display. This double row tree alley features trees which are not trees at all, they are hanging vertical gardens filled with thousands of ground cover plants. Beneath the trees are ponds with koi fish swimming in lights of blue. Lighted as if it is night time, the display was a striking floor feature with a path through the center of the grouping which enabled the viewer to see the inside angle of the plantings.


Tulips and dragonfly at the Philly garden show 2011

Tulips and Spring blooming bulbs were in nearly every plant and garden display at the Philly show. Above is a photo of a fantastic dragonfly resting in a sea of brightly colored tulips.

Orchids were absolutely every where. Planted in gardens, dripping off walls, hanging on costumes and window displays. Below you see a series of colorful orchids displayed in a greenhouse – beautiful!

greenhouse orchid display at Philly garden show 2011

Ireland at the Philly flower show 2011

Ireland came to the event and brought an interesting display of their ancient megalithic stone formations placed in a garden representing the Irish countryside. Featured in the garden were Fitzgerald Nurseries beautiful little Irish primroses. Gorgeous!

Gargoyles (below) planted with succulents and moss stared threateningly at passers by near the floral dining display. Full of the dramatic, they were a curiosity and standout at the show.

Philly succulent and moss  gargoyle

Philly flower show vegetable garden 2011

Growing a vegetable garden and educating consumers on how to do so seemed a primary goal at the show. Above you can see the results of this initiative – a well tended veggie garden waiting to be harvested.

Tomorrow I will share Day 3 with you – sustainable ideas for the garden.

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that my travel and accommodations for the Philadelphia Flower Show were provided by the American Chemistry Council on behalf of the Plastics Make It Possible® campaign.

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    So much fun to see others' photos of the Philly show…what inspired them or caught their attention. I spent two full days & still I missed things! Loved all the herbs & veggies mixed in & GOOD aluminum siding or gutters!

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    Shawna Lee Coronado
    March 15, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Loved it!

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