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Vitamin-Rich Shade Vegetable Garden Design Wins Contest

Shawna Coronado Bonnie Plant Award winning design

This year’s Garden2Blog 2012 Event with 20 of my closest blogger friends was SO FUN. One of the things we all did together was enter a garden design contest utilizing a raised 4 X 4 foot planting bed. I designed a shade vegetable garden with strong vitamin rich plants to help feed a family during […]

Cherry Fig Crumble Recipe and How To

Fig and Cherry Crumble Recipe

Confession: I have never conquered figs before. I have never even tried one until I made this mouth-watering, insanely good, not-too-sweet Cherry Fig Crumble dessert with my daughter – it was our own invention. It takes very little effort and is inexpensive to make since figs and cherries are currently in season. Of course, if […]

Ziplining in Mexico – 150 Foot Flight of Terror

Landing in the waterfall at the end of the zipline.

Last season I visited the Riviera Maya in Mexico armed with a film crew and mosquito repellant.  We focused on women being empowered to conquer fears while learning all about nature. Ziplining was our first adventure and we began with XPLOR, which is an amazing zipline park in the middle of the Riviera Maya, near […]

How To Plant A Tomato (Rip Off Ralph’s Arms) – Garden Growing Results

How To Plant A Tomato Results - Tomatoes in July

Mid-summer is one of my favorite times of the year; it is when the tomato harvest is coming on hard and strong. Above you see a photo that shows how my tomatoes are growing this season – ripening up nicely! Fresh tomatoes are like manna from heaven and I could eat them right off the […]

Hello? The Disposable Coffee Cup Revolution is Knocking.

A Repurpose compostable and green coffee cup

We need to start viewing every resource as precious – the time has come for mankind to realize that building products which keep the entire lifecycle of a resource in mind is the only solution for the future of the human race. There is no better example of this then the disposable coffee cup. As […]

The Flip Flop Splinter Wars – That’ll Learn Ya!

Luis removing a splinter Shawna Coronado's foot

Never give your husband an excuse to say, “That’ll learn ya!” Here is what I am talking about – for the last five years I have been living most of the summer in flip-flops. I shop in flip-flops, drive in flip-flops, and garden in flip-flops. And for most of those five years I have been […]

Does The GrowBox Container Garden System Work?

GrowBox planters growing on Shawna Coronado's balcony

Planting a garden in the drought filled water-starved wilds of suburbia can be a challenge.  In Chicagoland, for instance, we have had a month of 95 degree Fahrenheit days and higher with nearly three months of drought. This week we saw 102 degrees. I stepped outside my front door and my eyelids melted onto my […]

White Fish Ceviche Recipe: Easy, Delicious, and Light

Shawna Coronado with Chef Carlos on site in Akumal, Mexico preparing food.

Ceviche is a dish that is very popular in the coastal regions of the Americas; especially Central and South. It is typically made from fresh white fish that has been marinated in citrus juices like lime or lemon. Chef Carlos Capistran from the Lol-Ha Restaurant in Akumal, Mexico taught me how to make a delicious […]

Happy Fourth of July – I Am Proud To Have Organic Broccoli Love!

Shawna Coronado with broccoli in her front lawn veggie garden.

Living with freedom is taken for granted in the United States. Many people around the world are starving this July 4th.  They don’t know or care where their food comes from or if it has chemicals in it or any of those other concerns because they are starving to death and dependent on others to […]

Easy Tomato Juice Recipe and Do You Have Square Tomatoes?

Square tomatoes for lunch.

Tomatoes always surprise me. One year they are delightful. The next year the entire crop is a disaster. You never know what you are going to get with a tomato. You can imagine my surprise when I got a SQUARE tomato. I must be lucky. Below is a great recipe for making tomato juice. Easy. […]