Harvesting The Fall Garden With Guest William Moss – Learn My Secret Sack Trick

Shawna Coronado and William Moss filming at Shawna's garden 2010
Guess who came to my garden to film a garden video mini-series with me? William Moss — Discovery Channel host, HGTV host, DIY tv host – okay, he’s a tv host – and an expert on landscape design as well as an environmentally focused garden and landscape design guru.

Imagine how much fun I was going have working with William on a video series in my very own garden? Above you see William and I standing in front of my back fence where we were doing video work in my community garden. Our focus for this mini-video series is closing up the fall garden and below is the first video, “How To Harvest Vegetables In The Fall Garden” filmed in my garden sponsored by Ball Horticultural:

Of course, beyond harvesting vegetables in the video, we also discuss a final hat trick for the harvesting season – it’s called the “Secret Sack Trick”. Do not place tomatoes in a hot spot to ripen as they will soften and rot – it’s best to keep them in a cool area.

My Secret Sack Trick For Ripening Unripe Tomatoes – –
Place an unripe tomato in a paper bag with a ripe apple. The apple gives off a special gas, ethylene, which encourages the tomato to ripen quickly. Place the sack in a cool area and check regularly. Do not refrigerate.

Special thanks to William Moss and his amazing video team for making our mini-video series so fabulous! William has a fantastic list of accomplishments beyond tv; he works with the National Gardening Association as “Moss In the City”, and on his websites, & , where he chronicles the challenges of gardening in a city and discusses horticultural techniques. William is about to complete a Masters Degree program on Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences program offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. His goal – to expand on his passion of creating natural wildlife corridors in urban areas. Way to go William!


Burpee Home Gardens supplied the vegetables grown in the garden this season. I  write many instructional stories and videos with their incredible vegetable products and donate a large portion of the vegetables to the local food pantry when harvested.

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