Category: Urban Life

Photographic stories and photo themed posts published by Shawna Coronado.

Orange Garden Chair and White Cat Feature Photo

Garden Design With Orange Colors

Up the road a ways from my home in my very suburban neighborhood is a lovely little garden designed with orange colors and an adorable white cat. The gardener grows tall orange and mixed...

Pumpkin faces and felted bowl

Happy Halloween

This year we kept our suburban Halloween decorations simple. Aurora Lamps in the trees and few pumpkins and squash on the patio. Next to our jack-o-lantern, you see the squash are resting in a...

Martha Stewart Urban Driveway Garden

Transforming An Urban Driveway Into A Garden

Urban neighborhoods can feature organic gardening in every niche available. Martha Stewart Living’s June edition has an amazing feature on urban living; a transformation of a gravel driveway into a full-on vegetable garden. I’m...