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Garden Containers Made of Tree Stumps

Stump Lettuce Garden with Lettuce Seed Growing

Last year I published a post on the Oswegoland Park District’s Food Pantry Garden and the awesome WOG’s [Women of the Garden] who run the community garden.  While walking around their garden I spotted an ingenious green and sustainable planting idea — stump planters. Here is how you do it – Find a stump or the […]

Spring Cleaning With Meliora K. – A Graffiti Experiment Fence Champion

Meliora K No Frills Soap Bar

The Graffiti Experiment  is happy it’s spring! This project is intended to inspire positive community unity and beautiful art instead of hate and gang symbols in our urban neighborhoods. Champions for the project have donated money to help pay the fines my homeowners association charged me in order to help keep the painted fence experiment […]

Amaryllis as a Year Round Houseplant

Red Amaryllis flower with Green Eye

Used to be you’d only see amaryllis as a seasonal holiday plant. I have shown you how to grow the flowers in the off season and even in your summer garden, but I had to show you this gorgeous blooming amaryllis ‘Minerva’ from Longfield Gardens that is blooming right now at my house. I have never […]

How To Build A Wasp Nest Mobile

Wasp Nest Mobile Feature Image

Austin, Texas is one of my favorite places to visit. My friend and fellow creative gardener, Austin Neal (photo below), lives in Austin. Yes. Austin from Austin. Dontcha just love that craziness? Last time I dropped in he toured me around all the local farmer’s markets and we ate our way through the Whole Foods […]

Orchid Show Winter Display Makes Me Happy

Orchid Show Pink Orchid

Snow. I have had enough of it. Chicagoland still has over 12″ of snow on the ground with more snow expected soon. Sufferers of the dreaded Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are finding it very difficult to look outside the window. We need green and fresh air. We need a warmth and sunshine fix – NOW! […]

Organic Foods – Why You Should Eat Them

Organic Potato Growth

Many people think that purchasing organic products is only about the environment. The less chemicals used to produce the product the better it is for the environment, right? However, food carries a special concern: eating organic foods means you consume less chemicals. When you consume less chemicals you have less of a chance of contracting […]

Blowing Frozen Bubbles in Minus 45 Degree Weather

Blowing Bubbles in Minus 45 Degree Temps Frozen Bubble

What do you do when you have a thirteen year old at home with no school due to super arctic freezing weather? Play bubbles in the front lawn veggie garden of course (yep, this is what my garden looks like in the winter). Throw on the coats and stir up some bubble mix to see […]

The Jack Daniels Fruit Fly Trap

How To Kill A Fruit Fly

I discovered a shockingly easy trouble-free way to murder fruit flies. Why? Because fruit flies have played the role of evil arch nemesis in my household long enough. They fly in front of my face and refuse to be caught. They ignore my expensive fruit fly traps. They’re like little evil arch villains torturing me […]

Fall Tree Beauty

Red Fall tree in Illinois by Shawna Coronado

It is fall. The time when leaves fall to their suicide deaths and life is chilly, filled with apple cider, and cool mornings. School has started. Gardens are closing. Now is the time to grab some of that healthy outdoors; take walks with your family and partner simply to experience nature in a new way […]

Donate Your Organic Garden Vegetable Harvest To a Food Pantry

Vegetables for my food pantry

September and early October is the time when gardeners in the north start to harvest the last of that organic vegetable goodness and close up their gardens. This is the perfect opportunity to consider introducing your community to a green and healthy idea: organic food grown without chemicals. Donate your over abundant produce to the […]