Butterfly Salad: Fresh Broccoli, Cucumber, Pasta, and Rotisserie Chicken

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Butterfly Salad With Broccoli, Cucumber, Pasta, and Rotisserie Chicken

Summer is in full swing and we are all searching for a delightful healthy summer salad that is cool and yummy – perfect for July 4th. This chicken salad recipe is easy to fix and I love it for lunch. I whipped it up with garden fresh ingredients and a store bought rotisserie chicken. If you are on a diet or prefer to be without the mayo, you can substitute olive oil, low-fat mayo, or fat free ranch dressing instead. Keep in mind the veggies are free and organic if you grow them yourself. Woot!

Butterfly Salad Recipe

Ingredients -

  • 1/2 a rotisserie chicken, shredded ($2.49 )
  • One cucumber, deseeded and chopped into bite sizes ($.13)
  • One small head broccoli, chopped into bite sizes ($1.00)
  • One tomato, sliced – reserve the tomato top. ($.32)
  • 3 or 4 cups cooked pasta  ($.95)
  • 3 Tablespoons Mayo (or substitutes see above) ($.20)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste (Free)

Total cost – $5.09

Instructions – Combine all the ingredients except tomato. Toss. Layout tomato on top of the salad to look like a butterfly. Serves 4 or more. Savor and Enjoy.

Pasta Vegetable Salad

Special Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am letting you know that  Bonnie Plants, Organic Mechanics Soil, Midwest Trading, and Natural Industries supplied the plants, mulch, soil, and soil additives I used in my garden to grow these veggies. I have used their products because I WOULD even if they had not given the products to me and they have produced great success. I donate a large portion of the vegetables I grow in my soil-improved garden to the local food pantry when harvested. All opinions are my own – and my opinion is this salad is delicious!

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