Dear Ace Hardware My Doppelganger Works For You

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Ace Hardware Ad

In the last few weeks a few of my friends have sent me mysterious emails that go something like this, “I love your flip-flops in the Ace ad. Where did you get them?”

My reply, “Huh?”

More emails came with this style of note, “Congratulations on your partnership with Ace Hardware! Awesome to see your success.”

My reply, “Huh?”

And finally, the most shocking emails I received were kind of hate mail-ish, “Why are you using Miracle Gro now? What kind of freakin’ all-organic expert are you?”

My reply, “Huh?”

In all, I’ve received over 100 emails, private notes, questions and people posting links to my Facebook page asking me all about my partnership with Ace Hardware.

Turns out that Ace Hardware sent out an email flyer with a photo of a female gardener planting “a stunning container garden” with how-to links that lead to a video. She looks a bit like me, and I know it sounds like my M.O., but IT IS NOT ME. This lovely young woman is someone else and definitely looks about 20 years my junior, so thank you everyone for your lovely compliments, but 20 years ago came and went already. ::grin::

Answers To Your Gazillion Questions:

  1. On the flip-flops — I don’t know where she got the flip-flops, but I’d like a pair myself. I wear a size 7 1/2 if anyone wants to send some to me.
  2. About Miracle-Gro and shopping — I am an organic, sustainable gardener and do not use chemical products regularly in my garden. However, I do shop regularly at Ace Hardware for  garden supplies.
  3. Can you buy seeds at Ace Hardware? — Yes, as a matter of fact you can buy seeds at most Ace Hardware’s.
  4. Do you color your hair? — Wow. Is nothing sacred? And.. uh.. yes I do. If I did not color my hair I’d look much more like “Rogue” from X-Men.
  5. Who’s your real life doppelganger? — While I’ve never had a true doppelganger, the person I get mistaken for the most is actually Jodie Foster. I think it’s more about my deep voice and speech patterns.
  6. How do you plant a tomato? — This is an easy one. Go to my tomato planting page for my techniques and video – HOW TO PLANT A TOMATO.
  7. On my partnership with Ace Hardware — Currently I am not a spokesperson for Ace Hardware. However, I do love the stores, perhaps I can work with them in the future. Ace Hardware, what do you say?

Thanks to all of you who sent a gazillion crazy questions – I have been laughing for a week now. You all crack me up. I am glad I have you peeps in my life to make me smile.

Happy Green Gardening!

Photo Credit is via Ace Hardware. I contacted Ace Hardware and asked permission to use their ad photo and they approved whole heartedly. They also loved the doppelganger story. Who could’ve guessed that my doppelganger works for Ace Hardware?

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  1. Jeavonna Chapman says:

    That’s just plain funny. It does “kind of” look like you. Doesn’t actualy look like a real person. Looks more computerized. Maybe I should watch the video.

    As for the trolls who sit around watching vigilantely for someone to make a “mistake” – insert expletive. One of the reasons organic mixes are not readily available is because trolls talk a good game but don’t actually buy anything. So there really is limited demand for the good products and, therefore, few stores carry it.

    • Shawna says:

      Thank you Jeavonna – you are a gem. I’ve inserted expletive and it worked quite nicely, thank you. ::grin::

      So appreciate your support and love.


  2. Anne Larson says:

    First of all, yeah, the flip flops rock! Secondly, from a distance, it does resemble you, but you are better looking! Mea culpa for my silliness of thinking that you’d be selling chemicals from a WHITE picnic table! And if ACE decides to pick you up as a spokesperson, I’m sure you can teach them LOADS about organic gardening! Glad I wasn’t the only one confused! :)

  3. Katie says:

    ACE would be so lucky

  4. Mia says:

    Hi Shawna,

    Maybe you should contact Ace Hardware and ask them where your payment is for this ad. It does look like you and you have been getting a ton of mail from people who think this is you, so I think you ought to get paid for it. :)

    • Shawna says:

      Mia – Naaahhhh. I’d love to build a nice relationship with Ace Hardware. Maybe this is the beginning of something fun.

      I believe in Karma – - what goes around comes around. This is why I teach social good. :-)

      Thanks for the love!


  5. Carole Bryan says:

    two words…Lou Manferdini

  6. Tracy says:

    First, I have to tell you, I love reading your comments. You’re so funny! This was the first thing I read this morning and I was cracking up :) Now…about that Miracle Gro. Well, a couple of weeks ago I found 5 bags of the stuff in my garage storage room. My husband bought it on sale in Jan. and put it in there without my knowledge. So now my question.What the heck should I do with it ??? I deff. won’t use it for vegetables. Do you think I could use it for potted plants? I don’t want to hurt the environment at all. If I take it to the place where I take my old paint,etc. I wonder what they even do with it.I bet the old guy who takes the stuff would just take it home and use it.Thanks for donating your time to answer questions for all of us.One person can make a big difference!

    • Tracy says:

      *potted plants; meaning house plants or flowers

    • Shawna says:

      Tracy – you’re fantastical – thanks for your kind words.

      You could send it back to the Miracle Gro company (but that’ll cost you postage) or I’d do as you suggested – take it to the local place that recycles paints and poisonous chemicals. Our local fire dept has a service and you can go in once a month and drop off your chemicals, batteries, and poisonous stuff.

      YOU are already making a difference Tracy, because you’re thinking green. HOORAY! :-)

      Best of luck to you,


  7. Mom says:

    Honey that’s your twin sister. Sorry you had to find out this way! LOL.

  8. stevek says:

    She does have tilapia skin for sure!!!!!

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