Sweet Potato Vine Design: A Pop of Shade Garden Color

Garden — By on February 11, 2013 6:30 am

Sweet Sweet Potato design in shadePotato design in shade

Every year I try different planting combinations in my full shade vegetable garden in my back yard. Here you see the raised performance platform garden dripping with shade plants and Proven Winners Sweet Potato Vine ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’. Sweet Potato vine is one of my favorite “color fills” for creative garden design. While tags on the plants say they should be placed in full sun to part-shade, I plant the bright vines in full shade with no problem. They do not over-perform in shade conditions, but they do provide an amazing little pop of color where needed.

Other fantastic benefits to ‘Ipomoea batatas’ or Sweet Potato Vine ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’ include heat tolerance and dead heading is not necessary. Just plant and water regularly. Below you see a close-up photo of the performance stage shade garden with Sweet Potato vine, white impatiens, and coleus as the super stars.

Try a sweet potato vine this year in a different niche in your containers or gardens and be surprised by its color-fill adaptability.

Sweet potato, impatiens, and coleus

Special Note – Proven Winners did not sponsor any of the Sweet Potato Vine ‘Sweet Caroline’ plants for me in the garden – I just wanted to write about the cool sweet potato vines  available and what you can do with them.  All opinions are my mine, of course.

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  1. Pam says:

    I’m starting to get my flower magazines and looking at your pictures and mine are making me long for spring. I love all the colors. With days like today, if at all possible we can slip into your pictures and feel the warmth well at least only in our minds Pam

  2. La McCoy says:

    Wonderful inspiration! Lmc

  3. Don’t wait for your sweet potato vines to wither away in the fall. If you press them, they will turn a rich brown with pronouced deep chocolate veining. I use them a lot in my abstract botanical compositions but they’d be great laminated as placemats or in any number of applications. I think I have a few now in my Etsy listings. http://alturl.com/x82qj

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