Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea and Bamboo Knife Block Kitchen Organizer Contest

Green Ideas — By on December 11, 2012 1:05 pm

My kitchen counter knife holders

Kitchen organization is not my best skill – I am a hot mess when it comes to organizing drawers and cabinets (see below photo). People who come to my home and want to help “clean up” after a meal cannot figure out my kitchen filing process. It. Is. Madness.

A typical conversation:

Friend – “Where the hell to the measuring cups go? I can’t find anything in this mess.”

Me – “Dude. Seriously? Liquid. Liquid goes together. For example, the measuring cups go in the bottom right hand cabinet in the back beneath the metal water bottles. Everything that has to do with ‘liquid’ goes in that cabinet.”

Friend – ::blank stare followed by eyeroll::

Organize kitchen mess

With that conversation in mind, I have been searching for simple, creative ways to get my kitchen organizing act in gear. First step is to get control of my knife addiction issue. Nothing can replace a good, Bamboo knife holdersharp knife, but finding places to store those knives is a challenge. VivaTerra sent out several knife holder blocks for me to try and use – I like them and think they definitely helped me organize the madness (see top photo).

I cleaned out the drawer and the kitchen tool holders I already have, washed everything really well, removed the green marble thingy, set up three of the bamboo knife holders (yes three – I told you I had an addiction), then arranged everything on the cabinet. Much better!

How the Bamboo Knife Holder works is the block uses hundreds of slender, washable and food-safe bamboo skewers which fill the interior of the stable bamboo rectangles, providing a safe, secure cushion for knives without dulling their blades and the knife holders are made from a renewable resource. There are three sizes and the pricing for the blocks starts at $49.

If you want to order one of the sets, please go here – LINK. There will be a last minute Christmas sale on them on 12/14/12 on the VivaTerra website.


If you want to enter to win the small bamboo knife block kitchen block and organize a bit of your hot mess, just leave a comment below giving me some ideas on what all I can do to better organize my kitchen. The winner will be randomly selected on Saturday, 12/15/12. All ideas are welcome – I need your help!

AND THE WINNER IS – Valerie Snyder. Congrats Valerie!! We’ll be sending that knife block out to you shortly!!

Three bamboo knife holders

Special Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am letting you know that all the products in this blog post have been given to me to try out and review at no cost. I have tested them like a dog tests a beef steak, and I can guarantee you that all opinions are definitely my own.

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  1. Virginia Hoskins says:

    I can clean out drawers and cabinets

  2. neildomass says:

    First of all, you have enough knives to fight off 10 ninjas. I live in a simple 3 bedroom ranch with a small counter top. Left to right.. Food processor, blender mixer Chopping square.. That take care of my work area.. Coffee maker & toaster center stage for my ,mornings. next gotta have a sink.. Spice rack next to the stove & microwave. swing around to my rear Bread rack.. Im italian. I need a big one. Fridge + needy list All my daughter pictures on the right side of fridge. Seriously, I have nothing original. I was married for 25 years before I found out that my wife had separate location in the lower cabinets. Shelves for pots, pot tops, trays, pasta bowls, etc.. I was scolded for mis locations. that’s how often I put stuff away.. Inside & outside, Life is good..

  3. neildomass says:

    One more thing about the knives. Since my wife & I are the only humans left at home, we have a simple 9 slot knife holder.. all other weapons are laid flat in a thin drawer in a beautiful hutch we have had for 100 years….

  4. stevek says:

    when you reset your clocks in the Spring and fall, pull out your storage containers and match them to their lids, dispose of the orphans!

  5. Ellen Sandbeck says:

    Magnetic knife holders, screwed to the wall. We’ve got two of them over the sink.

  6. Mark says:

    Perhaps get more things on the walls and less in the drawers and counter top? Some cupboards even allow space to hang things behind the doors. Possibly adding another room to the house for knives and gadgets is not the simple fix you were looking for?

  7. marciasw says:

    We’re short on space but high on gadget inventory. Grouping is helpful…all the large spoon shapes together…all the spatula type utensils together. All the measuring cups and measuring spoons get stacked together (several sets of each). The drawers draw organization disasters naturally, so when sorting the oddballs that have to be stored that way, place items in the back of the drawer which are used less, and the items used the most near the front. The best organizational advice I have is when there is more than one chef in the kitchen, that there is a written and sworn agreement to put back utensils where they are supposed to go after use…NOT just the closest empty spot nearest the current cook!

  8. Rachel says:

    I can’t even touch the knife obsession. But…

    If you purchase inexpensive baskets from the Dollar Store or Kmart to eliminate the freefloating items in the drawers. Also, baskets help in organizing Tupperware lids.

    Purge the drawers of multiples – how many spatulas does one household need? (that’s really for me – I found that we have 4! Really?)

    Loose packets from carryout – soy sauce, catsup, hot sauce – all go into sandwich bags (why even keep them? Again, that’s me wondering aloud).

    Invest in a labeling machine and put labels on teh inside of the doors. It helps as a reminder of what is supposed to go into that drawer.

  9. Rose McDonald says:

    Organizing your kitchen? Baskets. Straight-sided take less room with less wasted space. Inexpensive, environmentally friendly, some are even woven from recycled paper. They hold everything and you don’t have to worry about stuff disappearing in the back of the cupboard or drawers. Small stuff like paring knives and peelers? I recycle the bottom of Velveeta boxes; they also work for crayons and art stuff. You could glue on scrap wrapping paper if you want them decorated.

  10. Kate says:

    I use baskets, the little movable shelves and lazy Susans in my kitchen cabinets. Works wonders!
    I could always come over and work some of my organizing magic ;~)

  11. WTF? Did you win a Ginsu contest? Who needs that many knives?

    This is what I had to do. I moved from a 1200 sf house to a 600 sf apt. with a tiny kitchen. I had no room for all my kitchen stuff…and I dearly LOVE kitchen stuff. I was not about to get rid of any of it, so I had to find places for it. O.K., so I finally did get rid of some of it, but only because I had like 6 spatulas. Who needs that many? Anyway, I found lots of really cool ways to stash it all, and then I wrote an article about it. Here it is. Hope it helps you. *hugs* Deb

  12. Valerie Snyder says:

    Ok Shawna…here’s my suggestion, 12/12/12 style.
    First 12…sort through and pick out your favorite 12 items. Those you will get to keep. Ok, ok…if you need a few more that’s ok but really be thoughtful about what you keep when space is limited. Get an organizer or separator for your drawer and give them all a home.
    Next 12…from what remains, pick out 12 items (or more!) that can be trashed/recycled. If they are broken, missing pieces, etc…they serve you no purpose and take up space.
    Last 12…pick out 12 items to donate. Items that still work well but just aren’t something you use often enough to justify keeping. If you haven’t used it in a few months, chances are you don’t need it after all.

    Ta’da!! Organization at its finest, 12/12/12 style!! :) happy cleaning and organizing!!

  13. Brian says:

    Shawna, It looks like you’re heading in the right direction with those knife blocks. I suggest you follow suit with the drawers. Take a trip to the container store or check them out online. Look at this:
    Or this one:

  14. First off you need a bigger kitchen. Then everything won’t look so much like it’s on top of each other. :)

    My tip would be learn the word “No.” Every time someone comes to you with a Tupperware or Pottery Barn or Pampered Chef or ANY of those catalogs, don’t even look. Just say no thank you, as a new millenium resolution. Because there’s always something that I could use, at least once. But I don’t ever “need” it.

    And hold onto those knives for the zombie apocalypse. You never know…

  15. Pam Larson says:

    I just bought one for my daughter for Christmas! They are really cool!
    I use mason jars for putting brown sugar, chocolate chips, powdered sugar etc!
    They keep all baking supples fresh and easy to find. Mark the lid or the jar with marker. I also use baskets in the kitchen. My kitchen is very small and all of this helps to find things easily! Love your web site! Merry Christmas and here is a hug from me( ). Love your Jamie!

  16. Andrea Watts says:

    If you haven’t used a gadget in 6 months, give it away.

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