Holiday Guests? How To Create a No-Sew Solution Fixer-Upper Guest Bedroom

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Guest Bedroom Redo

Do you have guests coming in for the holidays and one incredibly messy and unkempt guest bedroom for them to sleep in? Otherwise known as “the blackhole-from-hell” where everything you do not know what to do with goes? Me too. The solution is to either get rid of everything or hide it. I came up with a creative green solution to hide the problem.

Last year I found bookshelves on at no cost and now they are filled with everything imaginable that I might need, promote, or use for work PLUS all the extra books and such that I have no idea where to put in my house because I have absolutely no storage space left. It is time to purge. Meanwhile, I have guests coming in and rather than work myself up into a lather over it, I went to my local resale shop to search for no-sew solutions.

Guest Bedroom Mess

I found two tall formal pinch-pleated floral curtains straight out of the 1980′s and three ivory sheers that do not fit my windows buried at the back of the shop. I spent $6 on the curtains and sheers. I also purchased two spring rods.

The pinch-pleated curtains would not fit on the spring rods (right) because the pinch-pleats do not allow a rod to fit through, so I first removed tGuest Bedroom Spring Rodhe pinch pleats. Next I cut small holes on the edge of the sewn curtain to allow for better support while the curtain rested on the spring rod (see below). Then I fed the spring rod through the curtain and attached the spring rods at the top of the bookshelves.

I took down the old white sheers and used them to hide the unsightly boxes at the top of the bookshelves. Once I fed the three ivory sheers onto the curtain rod, I realized they were all different sizes and did not fit the window properly. Turning on the creative juices I draped the sheers over the window instead of simply hanging them. Add a clean bedspread and pick up some of the mess and you have a completed project.

Check out the results in the very top photo – the room is not a designer’s paradise, yet it looks better with the mess covered up and I am much happier that I was able to find an eco-friendly and creative no-sew solution for my sloppy guest bedroom nightmare. Reusing what we have or what others have helps keep the yuck out of the landfills. Next goal: THE BIG PURGE. I have to make that happen in 2013!

Remove pinch pleats

Cut support for spring poles.

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