Discovering Wildlife In An Urban Garden Environment

Urban Life — By on October 24, 2012 6:09 am

The Garden Cat

At any one time on any one day you can come to my garden and see wildlife. When you consider the fact I live in middle of a busy suburban community, that might come as a surprise, yet it is one of the key reasons I continue gardening. I no longer own a cat or a dog, however, as you can see there was a little guest in my garden this morning (photo above). I found her on the back step washing her face with sweet little paws; she ran away just after I shot this quick photo.

In suburbia there are tons of animals – some wilder than others – that visit the garden. My daughter and I have started documenting a list of wildlife that either lives in or comes to visit regularly. You should too – it has given us remarkable encouragement to continue growing the garden and spending time in nature when we know the efforts are appreciated by our wildlife friends.

In no particular order, here is the list:

  1. squirrels
  2. chipmunks
  3. robins
  4. cardinals
  5. woodpeckers
  6. wrens
  7. yellow finches
  8. finches
  9. cedar wax wings
  10. bumble bees
  11. honey bees
  12. flies
  13. ants
  14. ducks
  15. raccoons
  16. opossum
  17. grubs
  18. worms caterpillars
  19. wasps
  20. gnats
  21. spiders
  22. beetles
  23. hummingbirds
  24. mice
  25. rabbits
  26. hummingbird moths
  27. voles
  28. leaf bugs
  29. slugs
  30. aphids
  31. ladybugs
  32. rolly-pollys
  33. earwigs
  34. cats
  35. sweat bees
  36. deer flies
  37. dragon flies
  38. skunks
  39. monarch butterflies
  40. swallowtail butterflies
  41. cabbage moths
  42. wood white butterflies
  43. clouded yellow butterfly
  44. painted lady butterflies
  45. red admiral butterflies
  46. gypsy moths
  47. white plume moth
  48. cicadas
  49. mosquitoes
  50. geese
  51. boxelder bugs
  52. lightning bugs
  53. frogs
  54. toads
  55. june bugs
  56. dogs
  57. rats
  58. coyote

Tell me all about YOUR list of animals and wildlife in your garden and in your community. I want to know all about the nature that you find in your little part of the world.

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  1. Kathy Vilim says:

    Shawna, Quite an impressive list (and I love the gray kitty visitor). In Topanga Canyon, So Cal, I have: blue jays, finches, owls, hawks, hummingbirds, mourning doves, woodpeckers, bees, butterflies, racoons, gray squirrels, brown squirrels, coyotes, deer!, bobcats, opossums, lizards, rattlesnakes, frogs & love the crickets at night.. Happy wildlife gardening to you!

  2. I love that list. Think this could be a good mindful game for children … and adults for that matter.

    Would seven species of bumblebees count as one or seven animals? I have loads of bees in my garden.

  3. Carole says:

    So glad you included the insects. I really started having a richer experience when I was challenged to find out the Latin name for each animal. You will find out there are many different kinds of ladybugs.

  4. Liza and John's Garden says:

    Shawna, Can I borrow your list? Would only have to edit out a few things and edit in a few. Not much different here except we have and have had creatures like Black Bear and White Tailed Deer to name a few.
    All the creatures from the wild are treated as our quests. We love the wild life and others that visit our garden.

    Have a wonderful Evening,

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