LEAF POWER – Leaves Add As Much Color As Flowers To Your Garden

Garden — By on August 3, 2011 12:18 pm

Leaf Beauty

Think leafy plants are boring? Think again; leafy annuals, mixed hostas, heucheras, and many more leafy varieties add lots of punch to the hot summer garden.

There are no rules about mixing and matching – experiment and make it fun. Above you see the chartreuse Coleus ‘King mosaic’ mixed with other container annuals.

Try adding some leaf power to your garden – you might be surprised by the beautiful results!

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  1. EmmerGroup says:

    Great tip! Gardeners often forget that it's not all about the bloom!

  2. Ken Faw says:

    Shawna, what a great picture… I have struggled to grow Coleus and some other potted plants, but one colorful leaf I really like is actually STRAWBERRIES!

    They get brown and gross sometimes, but in between they are all red and green even in the winter.

  3. Thanks – glad you like it. Strawberries are awesome!


  4. Colorful leaves are the best. My shade garden needs its variagated solomon's seal and jack frost brunnera. Those lovely leaves do the job when not much else is blooming in the shade garden.

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