FREE Fall Wreath Garden Idea

Garden — By on November 1, 2010 3:22 pm

Fall wreath with grasses       Want a FREE fall wreath? Here’s an easy-peasy tip!!

Cut down your favorite garden grass (ask a neighbor for permission if you do not have any grass yourself), rubber band together the grasses, flip upside down and hang on a fence or doorway.

TA-DA!!! Creative, sustainable, and free!

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  1. Darla says:

    What a cool idea…thanks.

  2. Thanks Darla – glad you like it! Easy and cheap – - can't get better'n that! :-)


  3. You could even add a ribbon if you'd like to…;-)

  4. hort'curious says:

    Wow Shawna, that's a great idea and so simple. You should try and add dried bits like hydrangea seed heads, Teasel seed heads, holly foliage etc to it if you wanted…..

  5. Jan and Hort – MORE GENIUS!!! Thanks!


  6. ResuMAYDAY says:

    You could also braid a few pieces of grass, and tie that around the rubber band. A ribbon would be beautiful, but might not withstand rain and bad weather.

    We have these same grasses in our garden, so I'm going to try this myself!

    By the way – I love your gnome door!

  7. Jane says:

    Maybe I'll cut my grasses early this year just to do this. I often just enjoy the wintery look they give the garden, but this looks like a fun alternative. Thanks, Shawna.

  8. You spotted the gnome door – awesome!

    I see lots of people bend down to look at it when passing by. :-)

    Keep the good ideas coming!


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