What is Your Favorite Perennial In Your Garden?

Garden — By on February 3, 2009 1:54 pm

My teeth are chattering and my booty is frozen solid. Without a doubt, there’s nothing worse in a garden than a frozen booty. The question persists: will this winter ever end?

While pondering frozen body parts, it occurs to me the real treasure in the garden – the pirate booty if you will – is a favorite perennial. It is the plant each gardener dotes after and tends to like a mother to a child. My personal favorite (and the joy of my garden) is the ‘Sum Total’ Hosta given to me as a gift many years ago by my friend Cynthia, the owner of Soules Gardens in Indianapolis. Soules is known for their Hostas and Daylily collection and offer wonderful plants to the public.

Sum Total

‘Sum Total’ is a sport of ‘Sum Substance’ and Soules’ original plant grew to be 95″ across! The above photo does not show the enormity of the leaves which are easily 16″ to 20″ long in this picture.

What is your favorite perennial booty and why? Do you have photos?

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  1. Joe Lamp'l says:

    Hmmm, where shall I start? I love my hellebores for sure. Raised them from babies and many are still in containers, several years later but happy as clams and thriving on neglect. They even bloom every winter without fail. I certainly enjoy all my hostas too, carndinal flowers and Siberian iris. But I really love my native azaleas and certain hydrangeas. Yes, I know I’ve just changed the rules on you by including ornamental shrubs but I just had to do it. I love my plants and feel guilty that I’m not listing them all right here.

  2. TC says:

    I almost have an anxiety attack when asked to list my favorite perennial. Which is why I always step around answering it, just like Joe did in his response. I used to lovingly tend three hosta beds, before I realized I had planted them in the wrong place – underneath three huge blue spruce trees that rarely give up any of their moisture. I’ve tried soaker hoses for my hostas in these areas and other watering methods, but nothing I do provides them with nearly the amount of water they need to be all they can be (GO ARMY). So, I’ve given up on this first inexperienced attempt at hosta farming and will try a new approach soon. And if I’ve failed to allude to the fact that hostas are one of my favorite perennials, please forgive me for sidestepping the question.

  3. @Bentforkz says:

    Digitalis (aka Foxglove) | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitalis

    That was an easy one. Next…

  4. lawremc says:

    Iris of all kinds are my loves. Well except maybe for yellow bog iris—which can be a thug but seems to mind its manners planted in drier areas.

    Let me add thymes as well—never met one I didn’t love. Don’t use them to cook much. But love the diveristy in habit and textures and of course, the smells.

  5. Teresa R says:

    Strawberries and asparagus are my fav perennials in our garden! :)

  6. Lambkins says:

    Peony’s are my fave…gotta love the flowers and even the foliage is great for arrangements! Not sure if they would be classified more as a shrub or not. Another would be “Silver Mound” love the fuzziness of them! Then I would have to say Sedums…”Autumn Joy” my fave! Well I could go on and on about my faves…tend to forget what I have out there buried under 3 feet of snow!

  7. Daniel says:

    One on my favorites is Heuchera or Coral Bells. Mine sit in the shade and stay green during winter; unless you are in super cold winter. They are easy to grow. And in the spring there are these beautiful red flowers sticking straight up. Heuchera can take your eye from a sunny spot to the shade.

  8. Shawna says:

    There are tons of flowering perennials I love – no doubt – but this baby is the greatest hosta ever. It’s embarrassing – I’ve been caught talking to it upon occasion. Ah yes… I am a crazy gardener.

    Everyone loves flowering perennials and there are so many I will be featuring in the upcoming seasons here on the blog. Stay tuned!

    Shawna Coronado

  9. TC says:

    You didn’t happen to acquire one of Tony Avent’s ‘Outhouse Delight’ hostas did you?? Someone sent me a tiny start some time ago but it didn’t take. He called it the ugliest hosta ever.

  10. Shawna says:

    I do not have “Outhouse Delight” – although the name alone makes me want to go out and find it!

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