Monday Whazzup – What To Do With Junk Mail Envelopes

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According to the book 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth, these shocking facts are related to junk mail:

  • Each year, 100 million trees are used to produce junk mail;
  • 250,000 homes could be heated with one day’s supply of junk mail; and
  • Americans receive almost 4 million tons of junk mail every year.

    There are dozens of junk mail “stop” companies out there which can help you reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. This is an important way to lighten your carbon footprint. One of my favorite online resources for reducing junk mail is

    Junk Mail

    Finding creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle junk mail is also a great pro-active way to make a difference and save a tree or two.

    My favorite at home idea for reusing envelopes from junk mail is to utilize the used envelopes for grocery lists and note taking. It is simple, easy, and a great idea in which a small thing can help the environment in a big way. Recycle junk mail today!

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  1. Brian says:

    This info on how to stop junk mail (and what do with the ones you’ve already got) is great! I’m going to keep all of this in mind from now on.

  2. MikeGras says:

    I shred all of the junk mail and use it for packing material or kindling. I’ve been thinking about using the shredded stuff with concrete as sort of a paper mache thing to make light artificial rocks. I’m wondering if they would hold up in a wet environment.

  3. babs m says:

    We do this in my office with all extra paper–if we printed too many copies, for example, or get cover sheets we don’t need, we cut them into fourths and clip them together to use for notes and phone messages. :)

  4. I like to use them to store next years seeds! I just make sure to always open the end so that you can fold it over. Then you have a nice little window to look in and wish it was time to start them already.

  5. Fantastic ideas! Definitely creative – anything we can do to reuse and recycle is a positive.

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