Gardening Nude Naked Winner of the Week: Michael Edwards, Living Life Organic and Making A Difference

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On most Friday’s, my blog features a special person or organization for the day. This person or org is the “Naked Winner of the Week.” All people featured in this category are winners for doing great things for the community and trying to make a difference for the world. You can make a difference too.

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The naked winner of the week for 01-23-09 is ::drum roll please::

Michael Edwards, for trying to make a difference in the world by helping people facilitate better organic consumption practices. His efforts are changing mindsets so people can live a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Michael Edwards

Active tree-hugger and earth lover, Michael Edwards is determined to make a difference for the world. Founding and Editing Organic Lifestyle Magazine is his effort to share and educate the online community on a more nutritious and healthful way of life.

At one point in his life, Michael weighed over 350 pounds and had numerous allergy and health issues. His switch to a healthier lifestyle, and specifically organic eating, helped him melt the pounds away and in the process became educated on the better values of an organic lifestyle. According to Michael, “Organic Lifestyle Magazine is a free online magazine about organic food, natural (more commonly known as alternative) health, sustainable everything, eco friendly choices, and the green movement. We also cater to the vegans, raw food enthusiasts, and minimalists of all sorts.”

September cover

When I asked Michael the reason he founded the magazine, he said, “There are some pretty decent environmental magazines available and some great websites, but I am yet to come across a good alternative health or organic lifestyle publication of any value [which focuses on the issues instead of advertising]. Organic Lifestyle Magazine is a free magazine about a healthy lifestyle – healthy for our bodies, our minds, and our environment. I believe our magazine has useful information.”

Michael’s choice for a digital format was an easy one to make, “One thing that sets us apart from other online ezines is that Organic Lifestyle Magazine is made for the web. Other publications are either trying to look like print magazines, or they are print magazines slapped onto the web via a PDF. They are hard to read, and you constantly need to zoom in and out. Our digital magazine is built to be digital, so the look and feel is easy to navigate. We want people to get to the information they need quickly.”

Thank you Michael Edwards for founding Organic Lifestyle Magazine and making a difference in how the world perceives a green lifestyle. Living healthy is important! Michael receives a pat on the back and a giant “YEEHAA” for working hard to inspire others to be healthy.

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!

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  1. Well, this is my first experience with your Naked Gardener of the Week. You sure know how to capture someone’s attention, don’t you?!?
    I am impressed with people such as Michael who can make such a tremendous change in their lives. He’s an excellent example of learning to love yourself and embrace goodness. Good for him.
    I’m off to Organic Lifestyle Magazine now to learn a thing or two…
    Robin Wedewer

  2. wow..I love reading your magazine…

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